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Thread: The Official Spinnerella Thread!

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    Just a random thought but what if she came with two skirts? One where the streamers are down for standing and one where the streamers are up like she is spinning around? As for her bracelets just make them where they lock on to pegs in the wrist or something to that affect?
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    That sounds like a decent idea to me.

    With figures like Mekaneck, Rattlor and Spikor they proofed itīs possible to recreate the original gimmick. Rattlor even got his rattle.

    Fang Mans design seems to go even further, his jaw and tongue are moveable. So he even gets his first release ever included with a new gimmick!

    If those characters get that treatment why shouldnīt Spinnerella ?!

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    Oh-we HAVE to get Spinnerella. Netossa needs her pal!
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    I hope they get to Spinnerella soon. She's one of my most anticipated POP laydeez! I also hope they give her the pinched features of the Filmation version. She's strikingly statuesque in her one Filmation appearance!
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    I'm anxious to see how the 4H approached the design.
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    I would like the Toon version in as much as the skirt is concerned. I like streamlined (hehe) and a bunch of plastic (soft but still fairly ridged) strands hanging off her waist would be...unseemly. However it is possible the 4H could do it justice somehow.

    I would not mind two toned hair. I would like the arm strands, but If there were alot of them I'd kinda want them removable. She is definately the kind of character that is difficult to imagine without cloth. I do prefer the sculpted plastic in MOTUC with the exception of Grizzlor (hehe) but she could be one that needs it.

    Frankly if they basically just make the Toon version with little to no toy insperation I would be ok with that. Whatever the case I am excited to see 4H tackle this dangling strand problem.

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    Give me her to help flesh out Etheria's forces of good, and besides my 5yr old and my 9yr old both think she is awsome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by baronterror View Post
    I would like the Toon version in as much as the skirt is concerned. I like streamlined (hehe) and a bunch of plastic (soft but still fairly ridged) strands hanging off her waist would be...unseemly. However it is possible the 4H could do it justice somehow.
    The Filmation design for Spinnerella is just a less detailed version of Toy Spinnerella. They both have strands hanging from the bracelets and arms. The toys are two colours and spiraled. The cartoon version is blue for the arms and purple for the skirt. You can see that the skirt is made of strands when she spins:

    I *really* hope they go pure Toy design and colours on Spinnerella. She needs her crown. They could make a second head as the "Filmation" one. That would be cool. The toy of Spinnerella and her cardback art are SO beautiful and the colours go so well together. The Filmation version is so plain and bland. No blending of colours...and the orange and blue symbol on her belt clash. They go with nothing. The pink on the toy belt match her accessories, crown, bracelets and chest design.

    In her magazine appearance, she also had the two-toned hair and blue and purple streamers in her skirt. Her singular appearance in the FIlmation cartoon is the ONLY time she had solid purple strands for her skirt.

    Here's an interesting take on what she could look like in MOTUC by a fan:

    If someone can customize a beautiful, small, beaded Spinnerella with two-toned streamers...I have faith the Four Horsemen can make her two-toned streamers.

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    As much as I like Spinerella I'm worried how her figure will turn out. It will be difficult to make her skirt without it looking bulky, if the strands are too thin they will tear. I kind of wish they would go with fabric material. Her toy design is much better looking, but the Filmation look will be easier for them to make.

    Maybe her skirt piece will be removable.

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