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Thread: The Official Spinnerella Thread!

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    Just a random thought but what if she came with two skirts? One where the streamers are down for standing and one where the streamers are up like she is spinning around? As for her bracelets just make them where they lock on to pegs in the wrist or something to that affect?
    Mattel I demand the following:

    Spinwit,Spinnerella, The Scientists, Rio Blast, Mara, Crita, Kayo, Mermista,

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    That sounds like a decent idea to me.

    With figures like Mekaneck, Rattlor and Spikor they proofed itīs possible to recreate the original gimmick. Rattlor even got his rattle.

    Fang Mans design seems to go even further, his jaw and tongue are moveable. So he even gets his first release ever included with a new gimmick!

    If those characters get that treatment why shouldnīt Spinnerella ?!

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    Oh-we HAVE to get Spinnerella. Netossa needs her pal!
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