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Thread: Question about POP-ularity among MOTUC collectors.

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    Question about POP-ularity among MOTUC collectors.

    Hello all.

    I'm curious as to what causes your individual like for characters from POP.

    This is NOT me being a smart-ass (hard to believe, I know!) or anything of the sort. It's just, as a collector (more specifically, a male collector) I'm curious to know what makes other collectors tic.

    I was never a fan of POP. Even as a kid (I was 9 year old in '85), I thought of She-Ra-related everything as girl's toys.

    Obviously, I never owned any of the figures. I didn't know any boys my age that owned action figures with real hair and a comb! And the cartoon was all girly (yes, even Bow) and had nothing with which my little boy-brain could identify.

    Now, even though I didn't grow up liking NA either, I can understand the allure to some via nostalgia for toys that they had/played with as a kid, etc.

    So, all you guys that really want to see the POP characters in MOTUC and are clamoring for their release, tell me what it is that draws you to them.

    Is it nostalgia for the cartoon?
    Simply a love for ALL things MOTU?

    Help a POP-non-lover understand!

    As I said, I am NOT being sarcastic or caustic...just curious.
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    I can only speak for myself, and for me personally the cartoon certainly has a lot to do with it. I view the POP show as being a true extension of the original cartoon. I always enjoyed She-Ra and Hordak on their own, but I found myself getting extra excited when Skeletor, Man-At-Arms, Orko, and others made guest appearances. The POP storyline simply expands upon the already existing MOTU mythology. It adds more diverse characters, relationships, and elements. Yes, the majority of heroic characters are female, but so what? Did you skip Teela and Evil Lyn as a kid, because their characters were female? The only thing that I disliked as a kid was the fact that the POP toys didn't fit with the MOTU figures. Classics has finally fixed that issue.

    I will add that as a kid, the only POP figures I had were She-Ra and Bow. In Classics I'll have them all.

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    I've been wondering this myself. I've always been drawn to the mix of barbarians, sorcery, tecnology and fantastic beasts. I feel the same way about the recent unveiling of old lady and her cat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UTK007 View Post
    Yes, the majority of heroic characters are female, but so what? Did you skip Teela and Evil Lyn as a kid, because their characters were female? .
    I never had Evil Lyn, but not because she was female. We didn't have a lot of money growing up, and I didn't have a lot of toys.

    I don't equate the POP toys to MOTU Vintage because the POP were very much dolls, rather than action figures.

    My love for MOTUC is about a 50-50 split of being drawn to the barbarian type mythology and nostalgia. So, since I never had POP, there's no nostalgia there with them for me.
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    I liked the She Ra cartoon a lot as a kid. The Horde just seemed like cooler badguys. I liked most of the characters. Adora was my first memorable crush (yea she was a cartoon, but I was 9, so you know). She ra was He-man's sister so it was cool to watch the cartoon.

    Now I never owned any of the POP toys though. My younger brother had a couple I think because he really liked She Ra, he had She Ra and Bow. I didn't care for the POP figures though because they didn't really look like the cartoon figures or fit in well with my He-Man toys. Plus hair that you could comb... I was a bit too much of a boy for that. (my younger brother was like 5 at the time I think).

    So I really don't have any desire to collect anything absed on PoP toy apperances. If Catra looked like her original toy I would pass, but since she resembles the Cartoon Catra and will fit in well with my Horde figures I'll snag her. I got Adora as well because she has that special place in my heart (lol). As far as any other releases though, it all depends. I don't really care about a good portion of the POP cast. I would probably get Glimmer since I liked her, bit I passed on Bow. Frosta, Castespella, the Star Sisters... no.

    I would probably grab any Horde characters though, unless they just look silly. So Entrapta is a possibility. Scorpia or Shadow Weaver would be a definate. Imp....never.

    So yea I have some limited interest, but for the most part it tends to follow my trend of picking up badguys.

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    This is a great idea for a thread! In all honesty, I'm more of a barbarians and monsters and robots sort of a fan. So, POP isn't necessarily exactly my cup of tea.
    I get the impression that the hard core POP fans are a very very vocal minority, and that's cool. I try to be supportive of fans who are more POP-centric because I want all of us here to get as much as we can out of the MOTUC brand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Country View Post
    I don't equate the POP toys to MOTU Vintage because the POP were very much dolls, rather than action figures.
    Well I don't equate the figures themselves, because they obviously have differences. But I do equate the characters that the figures are supposed to represent. Nevertheless, the great thing about being a collector is that you can acquire what appeals to you.

    I just noticed that you're in Alexandria! Great to see other active Org members where I live.

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    Well, for me, I was 4 in 1985. I saw POP as a whole other side to this mythos, and wanted to know more about it. As the Horde plagued both worlds, it wasn't too hard to see this being the case.

    As with Teela, Queen Marlena, and to a lesser degree, the Sorceress, these were strong independent women who in the middle of tyrannical rule, were going to stand up and defend their world. Boys and girls my age didn't always want to play together, but Adam had no problem visiting his sister and hanging out with her hot friends. To me, this just made sense. Teela could get annoying at times, and he got a wider scope on Etheria.

    Like with MOTU, I had most of the POP figures, and people didn't understand it until I told them it was He-Man's sister and they battled the same bad guys. Then it seemed ok. Maybe real hair makes a world of difference? Who knows...

    I didn't see them as boys property and girls property, but rather as characters inhabiting the same universe. Certain characters were analogous of each other: Teela and Bow, Moss Man and Perfuma, for example. And yes, in my little boy brain, I figured if Adam's friends were ever going to marry off, these ladies were the cream of the crop.

    I don't know if they influenced my likes or I was drawn to them because of how they were, but even to this day, I'm attracted to strong independent women.

    As for why I want POP characters released, it's because I consider them as much a part of the canon as the characters from MOTU proper. I had Glimmer fight side by side with Stratos and Buzz Off, against Hordak's unending invasions. Teela joining forces with Double Trouble to find Adam after he was kidnapped and taken to The Fright Zone. They lived on seperate worlds, but there were more adventures than what we saw on tv or read in the books. Together, they made a richer and more complete story for me.
    I love an all inclusive canon!

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    I was never into POP as a kid, though I watched the show from time to time. I remember being a little tempted to get She-Ra and Bow, but always passed because they were so different in style from all the MOTU figures I had. Same for the Horde Trooper.

    I've picked up some POP because my daughter (who's 6) watched some of the cartoons and really got interested in them, so I wanted to have the figures for her. (She-Ra and Teela have a lot of adventures in her world, fighting Hordak and Skeletor.) Her interest and enthusaism always bleeds over to me. Plus, the MOTU side of the line seems to have gotten kind of stale for various reasons; since I didn't have much attention for POP back in the day, most of the characters/figures are new and interesting to me.

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    She-Ra was the better written show imho. Everyone loves He-Man but story wise and continuity wise I think She-Ra was better.

    Plus there is something about fighting an uphill battle that makes it more interesting, She-Ra and the Rebellion were never on top. They may have defeated the Horde in Battles but even up til the end the Horde still controlled Etheria.

    As far as the toys go I think a lot of people found the POP designs neat or interesting but completely unacceptable in "doll" form (me included for the most part). It makes it even more complicated to understand since the Horde was all action figure but their adversaries were dolls.

    MOTUC is a way to finally get kickass characters and strong females into a boys brand where they rightfully should be.
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    You should do a New Adventures version of this thread.

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    My only source media for POP while growing up was Filmation cartoon (6 episodes of it). Before about 5 years ago, I had no idea that POP ever had a toy line (toy line was not sold here) or that it was more targeted to girls than boys. Maybe it's that I'm so new on discovering POP besides the cartoon or that as an adult I don't care if the original line was more a girls toys, MOTUC versions so far has been great and I expect that to continue.

    - Joni -

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrimmTrabb View Post
    This is a great idea for a thread! In all honesty, I'm more of a barbarians and monsters and robots sort of a fan. So, POP isn't necessarily exactly my cup of tea.
    I get the impression that the hard core POP fans are a very very vocal minority, and that's cool. I try to be supportive of fans who are more POP-centric because I want all of us here to get as much as we can out of the MOTUC brand.
    Agreed! That was the point of my opening post.

    While POP isn't my cup of tea, I respect those that love it...I'm just curious as to where that comes from.

    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    You should do a New Adventures version of this thread.
    I considered it for a moment, but the NA love is easier for me to understand from a "boy's toys" and nostalgia standpoint.
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    Personally, I see the Masters of the Universe story as very limiting without She-Ra. The cartoon didn't really move forward during it's two seasons but Secret of the Sword really changed the stakes by adding the Horde and He-Man's long lost sister. Without the Horde's universe spanning presence, MOTU is a bit boring to me. He-Man fights Skeletor to keep the status quo of his family ruling the planet, He-Man fights Skeletor, He-Man fights some other inconsequential villian, He-Man fights Skeletor again. Even MYP was mostly this same thing. Only the introduction of Hordak really thrilled me about those episodes.

    The only She-Ra "episodes" I ever saw as a kid was the Secret of the Sword in the theater. It was a He-Man movie to me and She-Ra was always a He-Man character. I had many of the dolls as figures but was always bothered that they weren't in the same style as Teela, Evil-Lyn & the Sorceress. I LOVE that Classics includes the entire Etheria cast (well, sad about those who are missing). I've bought everything MOTUC has released on Matty (except original KG) but I'd probably drop the line tomorrow if they announced that there would be no more POP released.
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    The first MOTU figure ive ever seen was Skeletor but the first figure i got was Teela and i think that started up my interest in female characters from that moment on i was always more interested in them.

    And when i first saw the POP cartoon i was simply in heaven my best friend back than (we are still friends) was more like you guys but because of me he opened up to POP himself and he got Clawdeen a figure not even i had!

    If i think about it, male characters are limited. They have to be strong no matter what, female characters have to be strong sometimes even stronger than their male companions but can be weak. There are more sides to them.

    Take Bow for example, he is a strong warrior who fights hard but only because he plays the harp or is into magic tricks many MOTU fans say he is gay or not as though as the Masters.
    Thats simply not fair.

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    Here's my two cents from a females point of view:

    As a kid I didn't have any MOTU toys but I had quite a few POP toys as it was my favorite show. I always loved He-man too, but never had any of the toys...this was my mothers fault. It's not that I didn't want them, it's just that they were "boys toys". Just like how many of you never had She-ra or her friends because she was a doll with brushable hair, I didn't have any action figures. However, I did have the Sorceress but in my mothers mind that was okay because she's a girl.

    I love the new concept, and it's great for me to be able to collect a new line of toys. Personally POP is my preference as it's all I had as a kid, and now there's finally a new line of toys I can collect besides vintage stuff. There really haven't been any revelations in POP since the 80's and I'm glad to be a part of this.

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    I was a cartoon junkie as a kid so the transfusion of POP into MOTU just happened perfectly. It was all in the same to me. Plus I'm in the younger group of MOTU fans as I was born along side it and grew up with it so it's not like I was 9 or 10 collecting MOTU back then, I was like 3-4.

    Love the Horde, they're my favorite group of villains I think (although that's a tough pick). Also there was "The Secret of the Sword" smoothly introducing POP into the MOTUniverse as well as the "He-Man and She-Ra Power Hour" in the late 80s on the USA Cartoon Express. There is actual PoP fans, but I'm pretty sure most fans are accepting of PoP thanks to Filmation.

    I only had She-Ra, Bow, Catra, and Entrapta figures back in the day, but they DEFINITELY stuck out in my mostly MOTU toybox back then. Nowadays in MOTUC, thanks to the Style Guide, we can get actual figures the way most wouldve wanted them to look. Just look at Catra this month!
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    well, i liked the show in the '80s and to me she-ra's adventure where just another chapter of the same story.

    i wasn't into the vintage toys 'cos they were too different from the show and from motu toys too.

    now classics have merged the lines and i'm glad to have more beautiful warrior princess side by side to bulky heroes.

    i mean: would anybody find not proper to have a wasp figure or a star sapphire figure in their marvel or dc collection? ...don't think so!

    not to mention the fact that some are pop characters, like scorpia, octavia, mermista or angella, always seemed cool looking to me.
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    I have to agree with a few earlier posts; POP had a more engaging story for me, personally. I got tired with the repetitiveness of MOTU stories. POP was just better written. I think I identified with it more consistantly.

    On another note, I had A LOT of toys growing up. I had nearly every MOTU figure and playset, POP, Thundercats, TMNT and a ton of other stuff as well. But I have very few memories of actually BUYING any of these except; Castle Greyskull, King Randor, Sorceress, and Frosta.

    I think it was kb toys (or whatever was there before kb) when I got frosta. I was with my grandfather (he liked to take me toy shopping on saturday morning and I could get one action figure). I walked past the He-man toys and to the she-ra "dolls"–they were beside barbie.

    He said, "Are you sure you want that doll? It has hair."

    I said, "Yes, she fights with He-man and turns things to ice."

    He said, "Okay... and bought it."

    After that, I proceeded to get every other POP figure. I liked their designs better because they were more colorful. They were stronger characters in my opinion, and of course, they had magic powers. They didn't rely on a lot of guns and lasers, but their own abilities.

    I would also stop collecting MOTUC if POP was not included. It's intrinsic to what I remember, as a child, MOTU was all about.
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    For me they've always been part of the 'verse. As long as they aren't the toy versions with all the frills and hair I'm happy. MOTUC versions of POP- I'm a sword and sorcery type guy so I have as hard a time accepting the weird or sci-fi aspect of some of Masters. Something like Sweet Bee or some of the more colorful POP characters are as awkward fitting to me as are Man-E-Faces, Mekanek or Snout Spout. Since I can find room in my collection for Man-E-Faces I can for POP too. Plus where else you gonna find a frosty winter sorceress?
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    Good questions!

    I am an all-in fan.

    I went through MOTU's evolution with the brand. From the first toys and the pre-Filmation era (mini-comics, coloring books, Kid Stuff records, etc.), to the Filmation era, to The Secret of the Sword and beyond.

    My first memory of She-Ra is of hearing about her, and then being told there was a mini-comic in Barbie magazine. Then I remember seeing an ad in MOTU magazine. I was NOT allowed to even go into the girls' aisle (though, I'd sneak there to look at things like Strawberry Shortcake, Herself the Elf, etc - very character driven lines with playsets... anything with a playset was something I liked), and when the POP toys debut'd, that off-limits girls' aisle rule was a NIGHTMARE.

    I was a huge fan of MOTU, but also liked and casually collected some GI JOE, Go-Bots, Get Along Gang, Star Wars, Sectaurs, Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors, Captain Power (the subsitute for He-Man once He-Man was gone), TMNT, **** Tracy, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, etc.

    But MOTU was always number one, and the only line for which I had EVERYTHING.

    POP was something I should have been allowed to have. I didn't see them as dolls. I didn't care about the hair... I thought it was cool, but these were figures to me... and they didn't look out of place with the MOTU toys in my view.

    I was only allowed a couple of POP toys. I received Catra & Storm (her horse) for Christmas, because she "was part of the Horde." That night, I went to bed and Catra, along with several other Horde members went with me. In the morning, I woke up and found her gone. She had been taken away... as punishment. For what? I have no idea. My mother was twisted. Obviously she knew I was gay and thought that playing with certain toys was going to change that. Today, she is profusely apologetic about it all and regrets it... we enjoy my POP display... she was always a secret MOTU collector (running all over God's green Earth to buy the newest figure or machine, etc.).

    I got Catra back later. I cut her hair to shoulder length. I'd lost her mask. She was a mess... but well-loved.

    Then for my birthday, when the second series figures had been released, my Grandmother bought me the Starburst She-Ra / Crystal Swift Wind 2-pack. I was allowed to pick what I wanted, and I knew that if my Grandmother bought it, there was no way my mom could take it away. My Grandmother didn't think twice. She knew I loved He-Man and She-Ra (I would stay with my Grandparents for 2 weeks every summer, because they lived by the beach). I watched the show every day. I remember being in Kmart when I picked the 2-pack, and she said, "Don't you already have She-Ra?!" I said, "NO." She asked why... I told her I had been waiting for this version. It was a lame excuse, but I couldn't say, "Well, because my mom said no."

    So, my birthday party happened, and I opened the 2-pack in front of everyone. My mom took me aside later and said something to the effect that she was taking it away if I got in trouble for anything. Yeah... I was 8, I think... I was also the most well-behaved child ever. I never had my She-Ra taken away... nor her ridiculous crystal horse.

    My mom then bought me Double Trouble... randomly... at a Walgreens. We stopped there, and I went to the toy aisle. When she was done at the pharmacy, she asked if I had picked a He-Man figure. I said that the only one they had was a She-Ra figure. I showed her, and exasperated, she caved.

    SO awesome!! I remember asking for Peekablue.... my cousin had her... and I loved her... he totally picked her out at the store one day when we were there with my aunt (Godmother, not real aunt, but I called her "Aunt"), because he knew I wasn't allowed to have POP stuff, and we played together all the time. He was pretty amazing. He ended up owning She-Ra, Catra, Glimmer, Bow, Kowl, Peekablue, Mermista, Swift Wind, Arrow, and Castaspella.

    Later, when I was about 12 or 13, and MOTU/POP was done... or on DEEP discount/clearance, and my interest in comic books began to develop, and then toy collecting via toy collector magazines, I bought Crystal Falls, the Sea Harp, and the Butterflyer for a total of about $20 at the local discount store. I snuck them home, and I don't think my mom ever knew I had them LOL... but by then, I had an allowance... well, a job really (doing paperwork for my dad). So it was my money.

    I then bought POP toys from the girl down the street. I bought her She-Ra, Castaspella, Bow, Glimmer, Frosta, and Crystal Castle.... as well as some of the fashions/armor.

    They were all missing their pieces, and their hair was all tangled and a mess.

    So I started looking in the Toy Collector magazines for POP stuff... I wrote to different sellers. I finally found one in PA. She was AWESOME. She Sold me a MOC Netossa, loose/complete Castaspella, MIB Crystal Moonbeam, MIB Clawdeen, Collector Case, loose/complete Frosta, loose/complete Angella, and a loose Glimmer with one of the fashions I didn't have... for $46.00


    THEN, I found a seller who had several figures MOC, and some of the animals. She-Ra, Perfuma, Entrapta, Enchanta all MOC/MIB... I got those for less than $75 (which was a TON of money to me at the time).

    High School finished, College came...

    Then 200X started...

    The rest of my POP collection was amassed via ebay during the 200X time.

    So, to make a long story longer , there is a lot of nostalgia for me when it comes to MOTU in general, but especially for POP.

    The Secret of the Sword and the launch of the She-Ra cartoon were MILESTONE events in my childhood.

    He-Man and She-Ra provided me with safety and happiness in a rather chaotic home and difficult childhood.

    As for POP in MOTUC? It more than deserves its place. POP made MOTU last longer, in my opinion, and helped cement it as much more an important phenomenon than say Voltron or Thundercats.

    The characters are awesome... female characters are great.

    I always loved the POP colors, the box art, the designs... the cartoon was excellent, and the voice-actors are as responsible for the potency of the line and its legacy as the writers of the cartoon and/or the people who developed the toy-line.
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    A lot of what I tried to say when my PC crashed has already been said now, but I'll try to remember what I was about to post.

    I love the PoP story/mythos more than the MOTU one (Filmation-wise, at least) because the She-Ra cartoon was griping and tragic (burning down and destroying villages, controlling what the schools teach, outlaw reading, sending villagers to the slave mines or Horde World, etc.) whereas on Eternia, Skeletor pretty much just keeps interrupting a happy party.

    Adora was kidnapped as a baby, raised by the enemy (as her adoptive father!), brainwashed and helped the Evil Horde overthrow paradise. After realising her true destiny (She-Ra), she atones for her past and fights to free the enslaved planet from the tyrranical rule by an evil empire! She and the small rebellion even have to live in an enchanted forest, which Hordak tries to burn down to kill them all!

    For the toys, I love their designs and believe they fit in with MOTU. The characters are all based on nature, magic or mythology. Etheria was paradise (literally) which is why it's full of such beauty. MOTU characters are based on animals, reptiles and such too (along with warriors and barbarians, of course). The reason why the PoP girls aren't so "dirty, gritty and rough" is because they come from paradise where NOBODY has ever HAD to fight. Eternia's history is full of wars and they are only at peace now (another reason why I like PoP more...they're LEARNING how to become warriors).

    Anyway, back to toys, the designs and colours highlight the paradise they came from and are a beacon of hope for the depressed, weak and opressed. There WILL be peace again!

    The best way to describe the appeal of all this (and basically, PoP's story), is to look at the movie "Legend," starring Tom Cruise. The world is a living paradise, full of mystical things (Unicorns, elves, fairies, etc.). When the Princess touches the unicorn, she (the Unicorn) is killed by an archer and the world grows cold and Darkness (Satan, like Hordak) takes over and evil beings surround the world. Cruise, who's basically Link from the Zelda games, goes on a journey to save his Princess and the world and restore it to peace. It's a GREAT movie and is much like PoP (the Princess is even kidnapped and made Adora!). Seriously, if any of you guys haven't seen that movie, you should rent it!

    I had the following PoP toys as a child (mainly through yardsale):

    Sweet Bee, She-Ra (as Adora), Queen Angella, Mermista, Bow, Catra and Peekablue. I remember seeing a Frosta with her hair chopped off at the Optomistrist's office in the toy bin...and I wanted to take her!

    EDIT: Holy Brian, I thought my post was long!
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    Definitely agree that the POP cartoon is much better.

    But I love POP for the same reasons I love nostalgia. I had most of the toys as a child (to me they were always part of the MOTU world...if Hordak and the Horde were She-Ra's enemies and they came in the MOTU line then She-Ra fit right in just as much as Teela, Ram-Man and Tri-klops...I was very young at the time and I saw more similarities than differences).

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrimmTrabb View Post
    I get the impression that the hard core POP fans are a very very vocal minority, and that's cool. I try to be supportive of fans who are more POP-centric because I want all of us here to get as much as we can out of the MOTUC brand.
    I don't think that POP fans are all that small in number... I mean, there are more of us than NA fans.

    Plus, at this point, and as someone who loves all the MOTU lines, it surprises me that people can't seem to connect to this part of the mythos still...

    I just feel like they lose out I was hoping MOTUC would change that.
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    My mom told me I watched MOTU quite a bit when I was a kid,
    although I can only remember watching the Filmation MOTU cartoon once.
    So because I barely remember the Filmation cartoon, I was more into the toys.
    I have fond memories of reading the mini-comics and using the stories in my play.
    I mostly had He-Man and Skeletor variants as figures, Battlecat, Orko,
    Buzz-Off, Whiplash, Spikor and Castle Grayskull so it wasn't a whole lot.
    I was mostly into Lego which I got a lot from my grandma who
    owned a store where she also sold Lego.

    I was the type of kid that loved toys so much that I needed to buy something
    every time I walked into a toystore with my parents
    So this one time when I was on vaccation with my parents we went into an Intertoys store.
    My parents gave me Fl. 20 as an allowance so naturally I started my hunt for an action figure!
    The store didn't have any cool action figures, just a few crappy ones that were expensive.
    When I walked another round in the store in disbelieve that they didn't have anything I really liked,
    I noticed the POP display that was right at the front of the store in the center display.
    I must have overlooked it at first since it was such a pink display.

    Anyway I saw Catra and was sold. WOW a cat girl, so cool! I loved cats!
    I also loved that gray cat mask she came with, and I saw a mini-comic which reminded me of MOTU.
    I think Catra herself must have reminded me of the '60 Adam West Batman's Catwoman.
    I wanted her badly. Who cares about the pink packaging, I would toss it anyway.
    So yeah, they were all on discount for only Fl. 10 each.
    So I wanted to buy another and looked at the back of the card for the other figures
    and got weirded out a bit with all the very colorful and pink characters which were all girls!
    Then I saw a male character between all the girls and he had a bow and quiver, like Robin Hood.
    That was pretty cool so I went and searched for him and found him too.
    He looked not like something I was used to, but since he was the only male I got him anyway.
    The POP figures were still action figures to me. Definably not dolls!
    That's how I owned Catra and Bow as a kid.
    I never knew about the POP cartoon or about the connection with MOTU.

    ThunderCats came along and I didn't get a chance to get a Cheetara.
    M.A.S.K. didn't have Gloria Baker,
    RoboCop and the Ultra Police came along and my biggest want after RoboCop and Robo-1, was Anne Lewis!
    Unfortunately I never got Robo-1 and Anne Lewis.

    When I got into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I became a huge fan.
    It all started with series 1 Michaelangelo and within 2 weeks I had all 4 guys.
    This was in a time when most action figures still cost Fl. 20 each!
    I started to watch the cartoon which was totally awesome.
    I liked April O' Neil a lot! So I just had to get a figure of her!
    No longer did I want to end up without the lead female of a series, no way not this time!
    Eventually I ended up with the version 2 with the orange highlights on the jumpsuit
    which had the beautiful cartoon accurate face sculpt.
    TMNT became the biggest toyline I had. I had almost all the figures from 1988-1992.
    The Turtle Party wagon was a crazy hunt too, I called all toystores in my province
    and only found one who sold the Turtle Party wagon. I begged my parents for it,
    and eventually they gave the ok. It was a long drive and when we finally arrived
    I was incredibly happy! I finally got the Turtle Van! The most used (most iconic) vehicle of the show!

    After TMNT, my biggest toyline I got into was Toybiz's X-Men.
    Again an awesome cartoon! The team had 4 females and 4 males.
    Boy how I hated it that there where no action figures of Jubilee, Storm, Jean Grey or Rogue!
    Again cheated out of the females who were just as important as the males!
    My country seemed to have excluded them all from the line so I didn't know about there existence.
    They cardbacks were changed where they were omitted from as well.
    The toyline didn't last long so I never got to see any of the cooler series
    with Beast, Cyclops II, Professor X, etc.

    When Star Wars POTF2 came along, Princess Leia was hard to find. I eventually managed to find her.
    Same thing with Slave Leia, but I found her as well.

    The feeling of missing out of the females always stayed with me.
    Later on I started collecting female action figures from various toylines.
    It faded later on but I still feel that females are very important and crucial to any toyline.

    When 200X He-Man came along, I got really into it and collected all the figures.
    I especially liked Teela and Evil-Lyn. I still kept both after selling of most of my 200X collection in favor of MOTUC.
    I searched the Internet for more information of He-Man. That's how I acquired a lot of knowledge of MOTU,
    POP, NA, all lines I had figures from as a kid. MOTU was the very first action figure line I had!
    It was so awesome to collect the line that started it all once again
    I was very bummed out when the line got canceled and Clawful wasn't even made.
    I never got into the stactions because I always preferred articulation.

    Now with MOTUC, the ultimate line is finally created! A line which combines all of the properties.
    I love it! I can't wait to see all the POP and NA figures being made.
    I like the way they look as updated MOTUC figures and they fit right in with the rest!

    Back to packing for the moving! I'm slacking off with this post
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