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Thread: What repackaged MOTUC merchandise would you buy?

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    What repackaged MOTUC merchandise would you buy?

    There are lots of possibilities for repackaged MOTUC figures Mattel can temp us with, whether these are retail releases or online/subscription exclusives. I would hope Mattel eventually releases a two-pack for He-Man and Battlecat, as well as one for Skeletor and Panthor (flocked or not), which would make a great Toys R' Us exclusive for the holidays. We know that Mattel has spoken to its fans about including figures with mini comics down the road. Could we see MOTUC vs. MOTUC packs in our future? How about re-released figures with sticker sheets included, or a DVD containing episodes from the original series (as well as bonus videos taking you behind-the-scenes with Mattel and its work on the MOTUC toy line). As a fan, what would be too tempting for you to pass up?

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    I'd LOVE a repaint of TRU He-man (which I have) in mini comics colors (not a big fan of the fluorescent lime bracelets). Since I don't have Battlecat, a 2-pack with those two figs would be really great.

    Re-released figures with sticker sheets, that would be nice, depends on the figure, but in general I'm in favor of repackaged MOTUC.

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    I don't collect MOC, so I don't collect packages. That means I won't buy repackaged items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prahvus View Post
    I don't collect MOC, so I don't collect packages. That means I won't buy repackaged items.
    Same. As much as i'd find it cool for MOTUC to be at retail and would want to support it, I wouldn't buy any of the figures I already have.

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    I would buy a 2 pack, but not interested in a DVD bonus

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    I would be interested in the BC/HM and Skeletor/Panthor packs mentioned above, but due to the cost of these items, I could not afford to buy pure package variants. I have heard of some guys buying the reissues to have the "The Original" burst on them, that is way too much money for me. I will buy legit figure variations for the most part, I didnt buy a reissue HM to keep in the package, but if it is a new costume or something, then probably. For example, I would like to buy the DCU vs MOTUC packs if my TRU ever gets the 2nd series.

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    I like the idea.

    Love my commemorative 2 packs. I would go for Skeletor/Panthor and He-Man/Battle Cat 2 packs in MOTUC form BUT it greatly depends on the artwork on the box. If it sucks like the TRU 2 packs did, it then becomes an easy pass. However, if it's AWESOME then it's an easy sell for Mattel. Find a better artist for the job too, one that knows and cares about MOTU. Like one from around these parts.
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    if they started repackaging things with new mini comics, i'm afraid i might have to buy everything again.

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    If they gave us updated 3-packs of the ones we had in the 80's, I'd probably pick up a Skeletor/Beast Man/Faker 3-pack.
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    I'm also not a MOC collector so it would be wasted on me. Don't even pick up the TRU repaints as they aren't different enough for me to justify.
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    I would buy a He-Man/Battlecat and Skeletor/Panthor 2-pack in a heart beat! A DVD or sticker sheet, topped with some professional artwork on the back of each set would just be icing on the cake!

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    1) Adam and Adora
    2) He-Man and She-Ra
    3) He-Man and Battlecat
    4) Skeletor and Panthor

    That would be a good start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodster6 View Post
    Same. As much as i'd find it cool for MOTUC to be at retail and would want to support it, I wouldn't buy any of the figures I already have.
    Same. The figures would have to be different somehow, and offer something unique.

    For instance a random coloured character like Disco Skeletor I have no need of, no repaints.

    And even if it represented something kinda ok, like cardback colours vs toy colours, I only need one of them, so if I already had them, I cant imagine wanting a new one, unless it was so right I needed the new one then sold the old one (or traded, ect).

    heck, I have no intention of getting She-Ra 2.0 and evidently it's going to be so much better. I'm certain I'll be able to get original MOTUC She-Ra on that horse...hehehe.

    If they can at all be "new characters" then I may be down, but that's a slim likelyhood.

    All in all, nah, pass.

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    I collect both MOC and loose, so if the line hit retail I would be in heaven.

    I strongly believe that Mattel with release "stripped-down" versions of the MOTUC figures at brick & mortar stores like TRU.

    These particular figures would all come with generic packages, meaning no bios, and no special arrangements of figures on the back - other than the ones that will be available in that particular wave.

    Also, each figure will have only one accessory. He man will get his sword, Skeletor will get his Havoc Staff, etc... No extra heads, no mini-comics, no extra accessories.....

    Re-paints could go either way. Mattel will want to save as much money as possible on a retail version of the MOTUC, so having to introduce new paint apps might be out of the question.

    I love your He-Man / Battle Cat and Skeletor / Panthor 2-pack idea as well. This would be highly profitable for Mattel seeing as how these are the exact figures casual collectors (and Mom's) would want to pick up. I think this could easily happen.
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