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Thread: Evil Horde on MattyCollector?

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    Evil Horde on MattyCollector?

    Since Matty are currently selling the Princess of Power figures... What do you think the likelihood of them doing a catch-up for the Evil Horde?
    I would love to get a Mosquitor, Leech and Horde Prime without paying the scalped prices on evil-bay

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    I guess maybe they don't have the stock left but to me it would have made sense if they had put all the figures that got an extra head in the head pack back for sale for those who want an extra to display with both heads.

    I assume the POP sale is just because the POP figures didn't sell out so they need to get rid of the extra stock. More popular characters like Horde members probably sold out already in the past and they don't have the stock to put back for sale.

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    There are some Horde listed there. They figures they are featuring are posted as coming soon already.

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