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Thread: 2018 Accessories Poll Call for Entries!

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    2018 Accessories Poll Call for Entries!

    The 2018 MOTUC accessory fan poll is right around the corner, and now is your chance to help determine which accessories will be available for fans to vote on! As a reminder, there will be a separate character poll. At this time, there are no plans for a new beast or vehicle poll. Please don't miss out on this opportunity! No doubt our fan input will again be very useful to Mattel in deciding which figures to potentially offer us in 2018. For last year's poll results, click here.

    Below are some examples. If you're unsure if an accessory or small character was in last year's poll, post it anyway!

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    Unmasked Hydron Head Hydron.jpg

    Masked Netossa Head Netossa.jpg

    Unhelmeted General Sunder Head General Sunder.jpg

    Hooded Huntara Head (I KNEW I was forgetting something important!) Huntara.jpg
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    True matching He-Man/She-Ra Filmation swords (that also fits better in He-Man's sheath)
    Magenta Faker Weapons/Armor
    Purple He-Man shield for Battle Armor Skeletor
    Black "stafield" power sword first shown with He-Ro
    Alcala Half swords that can fit together.
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    He-Man's long sword and large shield from the Series Two minicomics.

    Skeletor's long sword from the same.
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    MYP Sssqueeze head
    Alcala Blonde Ponytailed Teela Head

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    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    Zodac's chair
    Snake armor He-man's shield
    Power sword case
    Hordak's shield
    Blade's sword fully painted
    Moss man's shield
    Coridite Crystal
    Webstor's gun in blue
    Extra Horde armbands
    He-man shield in Skeletor colors (have already been listed but very important )
    Red Man-e-faces gun
    Horde crossbow for Entrapta, Mosquitor, Modulok and Multibot
    Reengineered Two bad's shield (painting and clip)
    Reissued Roboto

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    Snake Armor He-Man's Shield
    Grimalkin statue
    Rio Blast Arm Revolver Canon
    NA HM weapons in Jetlag colours
    Netossa headdress
    Spikor Hammer attachment
    NA Thunder Punch He-Man harness
    NA Battle Punch He-Man weapons
    The Medallion of Serpos
    The Sword of Doom (from the UK/Euro comics)
    Buzz-offs Lance
    Corodite Crystal
    The Spell of Separation tablet
    Moss Man's shield (from the Mini Masters figure)
    Original Teela head blonde hair up repaint
    Faker, Wun-Dar, Anti-HM heads (vintage style)
    Snake Mekaneck head and neck
    Hydron unhelmeted head
    Claw Attack Stratos head
    He-Ro mini comic/concept staff
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    Huntara's Masked Head

    Grayskull Magic Mirror

    The Medallion of Serpos

    Jade Randor Bust from the episode The Dragons Gift

    The Spell of Separation

    The Dragon Pearl with image of Sorceress trapped inside

    Shadow Weavers Bird Styrax

    Shadow weaver spell effects

    Mirror of Avathar

    Grimalkin statue

    Batros snakes

    Demos & Tarella Masks of Power

    Golden Disks Of Knoledge

    200x Zodak Staff

    200x Zodak mace
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    Since the Twiggets were in this poll last year, I'll mention them again here:

    The three main Twiggets (Sprag, Sprocker, and Spritina) = since those who want them would like all three, I'd say they should be listed together as a bundle deal.
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    -Vintage Jitsu head
    -Vintage Spikor head
    -Vintage Hordak head
    -Mantenna's bloodshot eyes
    -Vintage Blade head
    -Vintage Beast Man head

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    MYP Snake He-Man shield
    MYP Skeletor Head
    MC Teela Head
    New MEF Head Insert
    MYP Stratos Jetpack
    NA Thunder Punch He-man Harness
    New Trap Jaw Attachments in Black
    MYP Leech Head
    MYP Teela Head
    200X He-Man Harness
    200X He-Man Shield
    200X Skeletor Havok Staff
    MYP Orko
    200X Fisto Oversized Fist
    200X Roboto Armor
    MYP General Rattor Head
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    -Spector's Whip. (whether you like or dislike Spector, the weapon was pretty cool and it's the only MIA piece from the 30th Ann.)
    -200X Jitsu head (The MOTUC Head is more Vintage inspired than people think.)
    -Vintage Fisto Head (The MOTUC Head is more 200X looking)
    -Long Haired Texeira He-Man Head
    -200X Sword of Protection
    -Vintage Toy Sword of Protection
    -Real Filmation Power Sword (Flogg's Power sword is not a proper version)
    -Faker versions of ALL Alternate He-Man heads. (LP, 200X, Oo-Larr, Vintage toy)
    -Male version of the PD Teela sword
    -Red Eye
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    200x dwarf Marzo



    Filmation Trap Jaw coloured hook and claw attachments

    Spell web able to bind a warrior (as held the Goddess in thrall within Point Dread in Tale of Teela mini-comic)

    Dragon Pearl with Zoar in side

    Teela's Filmation bola weapon

    Prototype Blade head
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    Wow there are a lot of great ideas here already! Thank you so much! Keep them coming!

    More examples:

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    I really dig Two bad's Bazooka and Skeletor's robot bird.

    All those vintage heads would be cool too!

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    Crystal Zoar stand would be nice. Also a TOD Zoar stand. Some book stands/pedastals as well.

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    Something I wouldn't mind seeing in a Weapons Pak down the line is a Vintage-accurate all Glow-In-The-Dark Evil-Lyn Crystal Staff. You'd think I'd be more than pleased with all the possible variations lying in state in MoTUC NOW, but some people are never satisfied, right?

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    True twin of Sword of Power (sword of protection that is the Standard MOTUC sword of power but with the gem) wanting this along time (I'd be happy to make a custom but cannot find another loose sword of power to save my life. Better to have an official one.)

    She Ra's "Sword to Shield" shield

    Mantenna blue bloodshot eyes

    Skeletor's NA Robot bird lizard thing (grr?)

    Another orb of power (for people who want one for both the stand that came with TOD Sorc & stand that came with Castle Grayskull, like me) this I really want

    colour appropriate shields for the POP ladies that do not have one (star sisters, ect. Skip glimmer because the purple villain one works fine)

    another Man At Arms mustachioed head this I really want

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    Robotic screech from filmation series
    Crimson pearl spear
    Purple sword of doom

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    Glow in the dark Grayskull orb of power made in the same look as the glow in the dark King Grayskull!

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    Man at arms early concept head and weapon. This is an amazing sample made by orsogranito.

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    200x Bat Flight Pak



    Edit: now that I have watched some of the NA videos, I would add Grrr to this list (the only character from this show so far to have any appeal)
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    Thank you again for your ideas! It will be very interesting to see how the next Accessories poll shakes out.

    More examples of potential entries:

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    The Energy Anvil and Spherical Astrolabe from the MOTUC Castle Grayskull map and the new mini-comics
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    Skeletor's robot bird........and a Snake Mountain for him to perch in.

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