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    Quote Originally Posted by bowspearer View Post
    Let's take a look at the universal origin story for a minute. Matt and his younger brother Andy create M.A.S.K. with Mayhem. Mayhem kills Andy and steals half the plans. Beyond that we don't what transpired between there and the cartoon. The PNA oversaw the whole thing- had Matt possibly publicly distanced himself to the point where only Duane Kennedy and maybe one or 2 others knew he was still leading the organisation? It's not unreasonable given what happened to Andy and Miles' opinion of Matt as expressed in said origin story.
    This origin is not CANON. It's in the comics, they are not canon for the cartoon and what is displayed on-screen. So again, you're fighting a lost battle. You are spreading conjectures all over the place and complain about me doing the same, which is not true.

    Quote Originally Posted by bowspearer View Post
    Then why weren't more episodes ordered? Your argument is like saying that Transformers would havew been a success if the US Marvel comic had only run for 4 issues or the cartoon for 3 episodes. But I guess we can add the way tv show marketting works to the list of things you cannot comprehend.
    By the time 1987 rolled out, MOTU was over, Transformers was almost over and they stopped the MASK "mass" production and just revolved around Split Seconds as bonus. They were not interested into having more MASK episodes. Get a clue man. You're off track, and everyone is trying to address you the right path. Lol.
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