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    Mara Discussion Thread

    I have been watching the development of the new female buck issue for a long time and with alot of interest. And I recently remember that it was stated that there would be atleast 1 NA character included in 2011 club eternia subscription. And as we all know there are also 2 female figures remaining to be revealed for 2011. So, it stands to reason that one of the females would be from New Adventures. It was also said that the New adventures figure would be a Galactic Guardian.

    So I did some digging and the only figure that I could find from the NA toyline was some images of this Mara prototype. These images are from the site. Under the NA prototypes section.

    Once I looked closely at this I could immidiatly see alot of similarites between this prototype design, and the buck development FH have recently implimented with the BattleGround Teela figure. The way in which the Legs connect to the hip joint is vitually the same in both figures, and also, if you look at the shape of the Torso, it is practically the same as Battle Ground Teela also. All that would needed to make Mara is a new top rather than a Golden Bra, Some new boots, and a new head. And 1 smaller arm bracelet.

    So, after thinking about it, im pretty confident that if Mara will most likely be one of the Females for the later part of 2011. What do you all think?

    I'll be excited to get a new female, but i do not know anything about this character since i was not an NA fan. Does anyone know anything or have more infomation about her and her role in the story?
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