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Can't really - using the MYP definition of "the Masters" as "the team led by He-Man/M@A" as they apparently are, the only female Master is Teela (varianted this year already), and there are no female GGs/GPs available to them at all. As a result, the only way there could be such an overlap was if the Q4 variant turned out to be NA He-Man...
I'm fairly sure you're right, but what I meant by that disclaimer was that should one of the 4th Q. figures turn out to be Sorceress or Mara, that would mean there was overlap between the three facts. (I suppose it depends on if you consider the Sorceress as part of the Masters.)

But I don't think it will happen that way; personally I think the 4th Q. female is from POP, probably Frosta or Glimmer.