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Although at first she was a civilian and an assistant to Master Sebrian, by the end of the series she had risen to be a Galactic Guardian, the same as Hydron or Flipshot. That is when they were considering rendering her in figure form. As mentioned, she is NA equivalent to Teela.
To the point that she actually fought alongside He-Man in the final battle of the series against Skeletor and Crita.

(Shameless self-promotion/self-indulgence: I actually took her to the next step and had her replace NA He-Man as wielder of the Sword and the Power--in a radically different way--after the latter fell victim to pride and despair and became the villain 'Nemesis'. I never told their story after the War of Grayskull, but even after Nemesis was redeemed, Mara was going to be the Champion and wielder of the Sword of Hope--Adam was too damaged by what he'd done.)