In a recent Q&A, Mattel suggested that they still have big plans for Teela past the Battleground version. Since she's one of my favorites, this got me thinking about what else they could do.

New Adventures Teela - With Catra and Marlena's ties to the Tri-Solar System, I'm more and more convinced that New Adventures will be in the not-too-distant past. That said, another blonde Teela did make an appearance in the show sporting a pink costume and has been fan-requested for years.

Sorceress Teela - I like to think that Battleground Teela wore training gear on her journey to transform into the new Sorceress. Once she takes the role, she might sport her own bird motif... or even the MYP Egyptian style.

Queen Teela - One of the great things about the character I love is how many roles she's destined to play. As the descendant (or is it clone now?) of Veena, Teela's destiny is to not only become the Sorceress of Grayskull but also the bride of King Grayskull's heir. This takes the story full circle and it could be fun to see a royal version as Prince Adam's new queen.

Thoughts? Comments? Any other suggestions?