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Thread: FAKER staction

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    FAKER staction

    So, for a while I wanted to finish this Faker, and finally I'm done and also finished a Ram-man. I tried to copy the unproduced staction from the only picture that exists and I came up with this. Head molded from a He-man and modified to look meaner, for the chest I used a Skely as a base and then sculped on top of it, the hair also sculpted, and a power sword sculpted. Hope you like it. What I had a hard time was trying to imitate Skely color skin, I did a thousand combination and still didn't came out right....anyhow enjoy!!!

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    Would like to see you do a dark blue wash on the skin to bring out the detail. But its great just like it is, great work!

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    Fantastic work!

    Still such a shame they cancelled the Khan/Faker 2-Pack.
    Maybe Marzo as an archenemy was the biggest thing to happen to Mekaneck, but as far as Marzo was was Tuesday.

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    Great job!!!!!
    I like it so much.

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    Excellent job! It looks a lot like that staction prototype.

    I was disapointed that the Kahn/Faker 2-pack never got released. That version of Faker was awesome! And since I never did get the 200X Toyfare Faker figure (the only figure from the 200X line that I consider to be 'missing' from my collection largely due to the high ebay prices that he goes for.... I don't count unwanted variants and repaints that I never bothered with), this was going to to be my way of finally having him in my 200X collection. But alas, he eluded me again!

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