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Thread: 200X Fan Action Figure Line

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    WOW!!! These really came out nice.. Amazing work Harold:o

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    update this trhead harold!!!
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    These are looking great. I love the horde so is be in for.any horde member.
    God I hate Stratos.

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    harold has been busy with this 3d draws, as you can see, and he has been doing some amazing pieces

    I gave up trying to organize people. Its pointless trying to communicate and coordinate fans online. So enjoy his draws and figures, but don't expect anything to come together here.

    If you want one, PM him and pay for it yourself.

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    I would like to offer my figures but I don't know how cast a figure and I have no time to learn it.
    So sorry.
    If people are interested you can buy all of my figures, white ready to paint.
    The best will be that many persons buy one of my figures, like that the prices will be less expansive and after cast it. There are lots of good customizer in USA and able to cast the figures. Here in france I'm alone!
    Send me PM and I'l lsend you price list if you want.

    But I don't can sell some characters without the permission of the draw's creator. So some are not to sell. Impossible. Like Caught-N-Mouth. This one is just for my own personnal collection.
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    Its very good of you to want to share these awesome figures with people, but yes, sadly, casting is an arduous process. If I had the time/space/money for it, I would gladly do it for you.

    Maybe someone who can do it can help you.

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