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Thread: For Sale: ULTIMATE She-Ra Collection Spinnerella Included

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    For Sale: ULTIMATE She-Ra Collection Spinnerella Included

    EDIT: Looks like I'm going to be listing everything seperately. So if there is anything that you're interested in let me know. I've come up with prices but nothing is set in stone. If you want to make me an offer I'm open and I will give discounts for people who buy multiple items. Thanks.

    The time has come to sell my collection. I'm keeping a few of my favorite things but I have some bills that need to be paid. Plus, I don't have room to display my figures so I would rather them go to someone who can. This is a huge collection and took me years to accumulate. I've purchased lots and resold stuff to get the figures that I thought were the best. This is basically almost every figure and creature in the line. So, if you ever wanted a She-Ra collection without all the work this would be it. I'll list everything that I have along with a link to my flickr site with pictures of everything and descriptions of what's included with them. Most figures are complete, a few are just missing a comb or shield. And yes, I do have all the hard to find figures including a Spinnerella (who is complete), Loo-kee, Netossa, Bubble Power She-Ra and Shower Power Catra. Basically, every figure except the original She-Ra figure and Kowl and Silver Storm will be included in this lot and also I do not want to ship the castle because it's so big which is why I took all the accessories out. I also have the throne for it and S key but they are not pictured if you wanted that included. So, start making me some offers. I work night shift and have a weird schedule but I should respond within a day or two. If no offers, I'll start listing on ebay unless I get a good enough offer to break the set apart. I have been a member of the boards for many years and can be trusted. I used to be a moderator and I also have an ebay account with positive feedback, gkennon34. If anything in the descriptions or pictures looks incorrect just let me know. I will calculate a shipping cost based upon where you are at. I will accept Paypal, check or money order, but if you pay by check or money order they will have to clear before I ship the items out. Thanks.

    Castaspella (with one color boots) $5
    Castaspella (with bi-color boots $5
    Sweet Bee $15

    Comics Whole Set for $25
    The Hidden Symbols Mystery x2
    A Most Unpleasant Preasant
    A Fishy Business x2
    A Born champion x4
    Disappearing Treasures x4
    Journey to Mizar x2
    Fantastic Fashions Pamphlet x2
    She-Ra Magazine Subscription Paper x2

    She-Ra Annual $10
    She-Ra Birthday Party Supplies $25
    Crystal Castle Accessories (Butterfly Clips and Pillow Included) $25
    VHS x3 $5
    Loose Fantastic Fashion parts and 3 Mint on Card $15

    EXCLUSIVE French She-Ra guide which could only be obtained in France when purchasing the DVD's. You had to buy all the sets and mail-away for them to get the complete book so it was difficult to obtain. It's quite awesome! $180

    Here's a link to the pictures of the toys. And I'll post a few pics below too.

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