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Thread: Moss Man: How do the seaons affect him?

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    Moss Man: How do the seaons affect him?

    In the cartoon, he changed into a pile of leaves whenever he was sleeping. What if it's snowing? Would it look like a snow drift? Or what if it's the fall season and the leaves are changing color? Does Moss Man lay low, or even hibernate, in the winter, or does he leave to find warmer weather elsewhere?

    Instead of green in warmer climate, would he appear perhaps white or gray in the snowy weather since his "fur of forest green" is intended to "fool and frustrate his wicked foes" but would be useless given the right weather conditions unless he changed his appearance to match these conditions? His MOTUC bio refers to him as a nature god. Would his powers allow him to alter ice or snow, hail, wind or rain? Or is he limited to his "powers over plant life"?

    Just some food for thought.

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    At Christmas time, he's jolly & red. In the summer he wears ugly Hawaiian shirts. In the spring he has a long, thin stork-on that holds aloft a spore. In Autumn he gets all depressing and boring.
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    I think he gets absorbed formlessly into the ground when he is not in his humanoid form. I don't think he would have any control over ice and snow. His domain is limited to green environments. There are other Eternian gods for elsewhere.
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    never really thought of this.
    i thought he would migrate to warmer places or hibernates during the winter.
    that might explain why hes only around only a few times.

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    I like the idea of a fall colors Moss Man.
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    well, maybe the changes of seasons affect his flocking?

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    He lives in the EVERgreen Forest. It doesn't have seasons.
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    he's evergreen. the seasons do not affect his colors. but like uki, i am interested in how a fall colored mossman would look.

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    I thought for sure this was a post about how the seasons affect the Classics figure Like how humidity will affect his flocking and such.

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    I think Moss Man suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder.
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    Does Eternia have seasons? I think we saw winter in the Christmas Special, but I don't remember now if that was magic or not and it may not be MOTUC's canon either way. Honestly, after the whole spell of separation thing in 200X, I'm not even sure the Light Hemisphere even had night and day, let alone seasons we would recognize.

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    It probably doesn't affect him much since he can make things grow no matter where or when he is. Also, The Evergreen Forest is as the name said, evergreen.
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