View Poll Results: How should Mantenna be represented in Classics?

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  • Mantenna should be as Vintage as possible!

    31 12.35%
  • Mantenna should match the staction as close as possible!

    58 23.11%
  • Mantenna should be as Filmation as possible!

    18 7.17%
  • Mantenna should be a mix of all the best attributes!

    141 56.18%
  • Other

    3 1.20%
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Thread: Should Mantenna in Classics be like Vintage or Staction

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    If Mattel decided to be lazy and give us fused legs for Mantenna, we probably would have had him by now. Something tells me, he's getting four seperate legs.

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    Staction as much as possible, vintage weapon and nothing about filmation!

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