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Thread: MOTUC Comic-Con Idea For Mattel Inspired By Their DCUC Idea

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    MOTUC Comic-Con Idea For Mattel Inspired By Their DCUC Idea

    I was thinking earlier today about Mattel's awesome idea they implemented with DCUC. For those who hadn't heard, Mattel did a Collect-N'-Connect parts swap! So, you would go to the convention with the build-a-figure parts you had extras of, or didn't want, and you could trade them for pieces you did need.

    Now, that was (in my opinion), one of the nicest and best ideas Mattel has implemented for customers/fans in a long time ( the 60's you could trade in your old Barbie for a new one).

    Anyway, that got me thinking about MOTUC. It's no secret that MOTUC has had QC issues (some customers have had to ship back damaged or defective figures), Mattel keeps a certain stockpile of figures for replacements, etc...and some customers that have subscriptions aren't fans of all the characters, figures or eras.

    So...I was thinking, what if they did something like a Weapons Trade or Figure trade (or both)?

    I'll use Battle Armour Skeletor as an example (because some people hate variants). So, you got him in the sub, but you missed the first 2 years of figures. Well, you could trade BA Skeletor for someone you missed, like Teela (a staple figure in ANY MOTU collection).

    You don't like a certain accessory like a half-sword? You can trade it for MAA's sword or a Royal Guard axe or something.

    What do you guys think? I'm not sure if it's all "logistically possible," but I think it would be a really fun, awesome and exciting thing for Mattel and fans/customers...especially since they're on this really big Matty Con tour.
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    Certainly a good idea. It would be great if something like this could be done. Or better put: If Mattel would want to do this, as experience shows that it actually CAN be done. Based on the premise of the parts swap we are having a MOTUC customizers part swap at the Grayskull Convention. Boil and pop your spare figures, bring those parts and trade them for the parts needed for your next custom. In theory it should work.
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