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Thread: Answers to WTFWTK 2.58!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    motufan425, there's a 2 week delay from when questions are submitted and when they are answered.
    Sometimes these questions get answered on Matty in the mean time and sometimes unbeknownst to us they were submitted 2 weeks prior by another site and we get the answers the day after the questions were submitted.

    That's just how it goes.

    We're all dog-piling motufan425.
    Of course, he kinda deserves it.
    Oh, I'm sorry I thought this was an open forum. I am entitled to my opinion just like the posts before me and did not "deserve" anything. Call out all if you call out anyone. It's kind of sad that the first time I say something negative all of you jump on my back and get offended. Don't worry it won't happen again.
    The worst thing that happens to you can be the best thing for you if you don't let it get the best of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toyguru View Post
    I totally get it being frustrating when a question is answered on another site or on our "Ask Matty" forum. Another thing to point out. It's been over 50 weeks of 5 to 10 questions. The thing is, there is only so much we can talk about (i.e. we can't comment on logistics, legal issues and characters not yet made). There just may not be that much more unknown info on the line. There just are not as many relevant questions.

    Although I can tell you come SDCC, we are opening up several giant wind tunnels (figuratively speaking, this was not a Sy-Klone or Tytus reference or any other thing like that) that will really shake things up (that was not a Quakke reference or any other thing like that). I have a feeling the Q & As will liven up again (that was not a Glimmer reference or any other thing like that). We're in a bit of a "new info lull" as we save all the big news (that was not a Ram Man reference or any other thing like that) for SDCC!

    This gave me a good laugh

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    @Zodak74: I don't get it...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeletortilla View Post
    I picked what I thought were the best questions with the limited number that were available.
    One great question had to be skipped because that person had a question answered in the previous round.
    Also, at the time the Cringer question was asked, Toyguru had not yet released the statement regarding him.

    Sorry if I disappointed.
    I feel for you. I got grief the only time I picked the questions for one of these. In fact, Montork was appointed as the Q&A "editor" shortly there after. If it means anything, I liked the questions you picked(especially the one about He-Ro's armor).



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