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    Working on annotations for this episode... & Val, my handwriting must have been worse than usual on the package I sent, because my name isn't John; that's be my dad.

    Though sometimes I do sign just with my first name and it end up looking like JSL (so I'll take the blame for that).

    EPISODE 047
    Runtime: 2 hour, 11 minutes, 49 seconds
    There are no Collectibles, Fan Sites, nor Fan Arts of the Week for this episode.

    Your hosts: Val Staples A.K.A. JVS3; Emiliano Santalucia; "Pixel Dan" Eardley; and Eamon O'Donoghue.

    Interview: Eric Treadaway of the Four Horsemen & Fantastic Exclusive

    Intro and outro song: "Neurosia" from the album Paths by Eeriness, featuring forum member Mista! Check them out on Amazon!

    Items of Note:
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