Hello my friends, As you might know, due to the overwhelming demand I reissued a Snake armor he-man (this time repackaged) for "the bay" You can see a new pic on the Snake armor he-man Thread.

But, I wanted to show you a commission I got last month from a friend In Germany, he wanted a Filmation Accurate Teela similar to one I made ages ago. I found this to be a perfect opportunity to implement the suggestions I received on how to improve her, so here she is!

I totally resculpted her hair, to make it more like her cartoon appeareance, modded her collar AND gave her a lighter skin color...The regular version looks like she spent too much time at the sea of Rakkash. Without further ado, here is what she ended up looking like...I loved this figure, and was saddened when I had to ship her to Germany but Business is business..SNIF!!!