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Thread: "IF" there was another weapons pack, what would you like to see in it?

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    "IF" there was another weapons pack, what would you like to see in it?

    After reading multiple threads and forums I realize he chances of another weapons pack is slim to none, but just say it did happen, what would you want in it?

    Personally I would love:

    Black Filmation Grizzlor Harness
    Horde Prime hands in Cy-Chop colors
    Snakeman head in TRU Merman Blue
    Snakeman armor in yellow
    Fisto's 200x Belt
    Prince Adam Vest in Blue

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    I'd like to see:

    200x Prince Adam Head, plus Closed 200x Sword.
    Flying Fist He-Man's Weapons.
    200x King Randor's Left Boot Cover [repainted Man-at-Arms Boot Cover]
    Vintage Jitsu Head.
    A Man-At-Arms-style Blaster-Arm for Teela.
    Jungle He-Man's Spear
    Terror Claws Skeletor Hands.

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    A new mask for She-Ra 1.0
    Cy-Chop's belt in black/red
    He-Ro's armor in vac metal (added bonus to get the concept "G" armor)
    Havoc Staff repaint for more detail or 200x deco
    Vikor's weapons repainted
    Castle Grayskull Man's swords repainted
    Snakemen staff for Nepthu

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    While I'd love for Mattel to release another weapon pack, I'd prefer them to do what they did at the start of the line and actually include all the necessary accessories with figures rather than give is a figure missing items, and then sell us the items to make that figure whole. Having the packs include some fun repaints and maybe one or two newly tooled optional items would be far more ideal to me.

    Here are some of my wants:

    - She-Ra's shield in silver to match her sword
    - She-Ra's shield in various colours to match the Star Sisters and Glimmer
    - Randor's staff (for Eternos Palace Randor. He does not look right holding that spear)
    - Catra's sword in red or silver
    - The five red pieces from the Weapon Rack repainted silver to make a matching set
    - An extra BG Teela sword (a great generic sword for the females)
    - Castaspella's magic effect in various colors: purple (Evil-Lyn), white (Sorceress), clear (Glimmer), black (Shadow Weaver), blue (Frosta), green (Goddess)
    - Power of Grayskull orb in different colours
    - Orko's book in different colors

    New Items
    - She-Ra's toy sword
    - BP She-Ra's headdress with a silver sticker to match the toy
    - Netossa's headdress
    - Shadow coil effect for Shadow Weaver
    - Eye beam effects for Trip-Klops and Mantenna
    - Ice blast effect for Frosta
    - Action effects for weapons. For example, something to slip onto a sword to make it look like it's being swung (for example, the new Figma Link toy)
    - I'd love a less clunky version of Frosta's staff. It looks like she's holding a toy, not a weapon
    - Forcefield effect (basically round magic effect that clips on like a shield)

    Once Castaspella came out with the spell blast, I realized that I really want more effect type items for the other characters. Having several of these would really make a display come alive.

    Unfortunately I don't think we can ever expect to find clothing like Adam's vest or Adora's outfit (Marlena's repainted red) in a weapons pack. The clothing is not meant to be removable, and by including it Mattel would be encouraging people to "take apart" the figures, which could cause damage.

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    New stuff like
    The Shaping Staff
    The Diamond Ray of Disapperence
    A re-colored cosmic key
    That evil horn Drelle and Orko found
    The Freeze ray thing that froze Man at Arms
    The Korodite Crystal
    Blast and Magic effects
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    How about a triangular weapons rack for the Castle?

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    He-ro's tomb
    Netossa's mask
    Jitsu's 200X belt (a la Fisto's 200X belt)
    Books for Batros
    A repainted blue Horde bat (unless of course Imp is planned...)
    Shield for Glimmer
    Carnivous's sword and shield repainted in red handle for Catra
    Mossman's mace repainted in red (as in the original card back art)
    Ice effect for Frosta
    Cy-Chop' belt in red and black for other horde members
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    BP She-Ra mask with gold/silver stickers

    She-Ra shield in silver

    Shield for Glimmer

    Goddess spear in silver

    Castaspella magic effect in purple

    MAA armor in silver


    Castaspella magic effect in icy blue

    Orko's magic book in another color

    Grayskull orb in crystal red

    BG Teela sword in translucent icy blue

    Mekaneck's mace in brown

    Sea Hawk's sword with yellow energy blade

    Horde Prime hands in orange for Cy-chop

    Purple He-man shield

    Sorceress staff in gold

    He-Ro sword with black star effect
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    OK: The BIG IF: (20 Items only 3 new things.)

    New Items: (3 Items)
    -Netossa's Headdress
    -Spector's Whip
    -Cat Crossbow for Catra

    Repaints: (17 Items)
    -One tone Silver Repaint of Flogg's "Secret" filmation Sword
    -Translucent Red Extendar Lance
    -Orange Techno Sword
    -Castle Grayskullman Swords in Standor Colors (2 items)
    -Castaspella's Shield and Spell blast in translucent pink (2 items)
    -Havoc Staff (Either in Filmation or 200X colors)
    -Dekker Mace in SMAA Colors
    -NA He-Man Sword and Shield in Silver(2 Items)
    -MAA Sword, MAA Gun, Webstor Rifle in "Granamyr gold"
    -Blade's Blades in Silver and black (Especially the Movie Sword) (2 Items)
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    Are there rules (e.G. the mentioned "20 items, only 3 new")?

    If so, my picks would go as follows:

    - Magenta Faker gear (sword, half sword & harness)
    - Trap-Jaw belt in silver or grey
    - Cy-Chop belt in black with red bat
    - Fisto belt in gold or black
    - Vikor's weapons in gold (sword, axe & shield)
    - Another set of "He-Man" gear in garish colours (just because I get off on this stuff - maybe in yello? He-Bro? )
    - red "man-e-weapons" in silver matching the weapons rack weapons

    That makes 17 re-decos.

    Now for the 3 new parts:

    I'm a bit lost here, I have to admit. Maybe:

    - a "slender" horde-crossbow for their female recuits
    - Filmation Havoc Staff
    - "Miniternia"-Powersword

    I'd buy multiples of that set.
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    Purple He-Man shield for Skeletor
    Silver She-Ra shield with blue jewel
    NA He-Man sword and shield in silver
    Sea Hawk saber in yellow
    Blade swords, repainted or just regular. He needs two of each!
    Castaspella magic burst in different colors

    New pieces:
    Shaping Staff
    Diamond Ray of Disappearance. If they can make the Secret Liquid of Life, they can make this.
    Cat themed crossbow for Catra

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    More mini characters.... Twiggets/Meteorbs.

    Grayskull accessories, - spell books, candelabras, etc.

    A new female armor of some kind, not just a repaint.
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    KOWL - Filmation colours!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hy-Man View Post
    Are there rules (e.G. the mentioned "20 items, only 3 new")?
    Not really, I just used the last WP as a reference: 3 new items, then I used 17 Repaints because that way I could reach 20 items total.
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    Stuff I actually need like a new Orb Stand and a bird stand. (my crystal bird looks so sad just laying there playing dead). Also spell books for Batros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cy-Chop View Post
    After reading multiple threads and forums I realize he chances of another weapons pack is slim to none, but just say it did happen, what would you want in it?

    Personally I would love:

    Black Filmation Grizzlor Harness
    Horde Prime hands in Cy-Chop colors
    Snakeman head in TRU Merman Blue
    Snakeman armor in yellow
    Fisto's 200x Belt
    Prince Adam Vest in Blue
    Do you mean Jitsu's? Fisto came with his belt.

    I'll have to think on this later, I know there's a lot I'd love to have.
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    Repainted bird perch for ToD Zoar
    Repainted Keldor cape for Skeletor
    Castaspella's spell burst in a different color

    Would love to see the Shaping Staff
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    I would like to see more mini characters like Imp, Red Eye, Trollans, or Twiggets.
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    Snakemen staff for Nepthu in gold
    PoP shields for Star Sistesr
    Sorceress staff in gold
    Spector's Whip
    He-Ro's black starred sword from prototype

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    Skeletor's Filmation ax (from Plundor)
    Staff of Avion (from Goatman)
    Crystal Bird (from Nepthu)
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    Repaint of skeletors havok staff in orange for faker.
    3 sets of repaint of horde prime hands in;black, orange and blue.
    Glow in the dark havok staff for skeletor
    transparant orange faker armor.

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    Most of what I'd want in a new weapons pack has already been mentioned numerous times (silver She-Ra shield, orange Horde-Prime hands, crossbow for Catra, bird stands etc.).

    Some additional items I'd like:
    an extra regular undamaged Palace Guard breast plate
    an extra Darkling
    an additional Modulok monster leg to make Filmation Modulok

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    New pieces:

    200X-esque Jitsu belt
    Netossa's headdress
    Diamond Ray of Disappearance


    Magenta Faker armor & sword
    Recolored Dekker mace to fit Snake Man-At-Arms' color scheme
    Orange Horde Prime hands for Cy-Chop
    Recolored Castaspella spell
    Silver & gray She-Ra shield
    Gold-hilted Laser-Lot sword for Tri-Klops
    Recolored Evil-Lyn dagger and staff for Shokoti
    Blue-spiked Grayskull mace for Strong-Or
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    Things that people actually asked for.

    I used to tally the wishlist threads, and the most requested items were always: Magenta armor for Faker, silver She-Ra shield, Gygor Axe for Tytus, silver/gray MAA items, 200x sword for Faker, and others. I don't have a use for all the things that were always listed, but like it or not they were demanded. Not...neon-green He-Man weapons.

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