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Thread: WTFWTK 2.160 - Ask your questions here!

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    WTFWTK 2.160 - Ask your questions here!

    Rules for What The Fans Want To Know:
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    • Please avoid questions about the future release of a specific, previously unreleased character(s). The odds are overwhelming that Mattel will not spoil a reveal for something that isn't a re-release.

    A random fan will be selected to pick 5 questions to submit to Mattel. Please do not take offense to your question not being submitted.
    Also, we also edit questions to make them more concise, to be more specific, etc. Please take no offense to this either, as it's only meant to help.

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    This past round of questions were selected by Niki.
    Thanks to that fan for their help!!!

    1. thatbloodymikey: Filmation Evil-Lyn has a similar body design to Teela. But we saw how Point Dread Teela turned out. What precautions are being taken to make sure Evil-Lyn does not have the same shortcomings as PD Teela?

    2. phnx75: Are there any plans to release a single carded Skelcon figure (maybe with the wings as depicted in recent DC comics)? Roton is an expensive vehicle, but the Skelcon is considered by a number of fans to be an army-builder toy.

    3. Niki: In MOTUC we were fortunate to get new characters created for various factions like Draego-Man for the Evil Warriors (MOTU) and Sir Laser-Lot for the Heroic Warriors (MOTU). But we never got a new character for the Great Rebellion (POP). Is there a possibility for such a new character in the Collector's line?

    4. Swift Wind: New Adventures and the vintage minicomics have yet to receive the mini-sub treatment. While no add-on subs are planned for 2016 are there any plans for another mini-sub for these two canons?

    5. Tundra_Torque: Could you give us any hints as to what the MOTU SDCC exclusives might be? In past years (e.g., 2015), when we knew that the vintage MOTU collection would be finished, we could guess what the exclusives might be. However this year, the vintage MOTU toy collection is finished, so it is unclear how you will proceed.
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    With ThunderCats figures coming to MattyCollector this September, this seems like a primetime opportunity to do a comic book crossover mini-series between MOTU and ThunderCats published by DC Comics. (with Mattel and Warner Bros/DC Comics already having established partnerships with figures and comics) Advertisements for MattyCollector ThunderCats and MOTU could be placed in the comic mini-series crossover as well. How feasible is this to happen?

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    Are you still sitting on a few sets of Rotar and Twistoid or have you sold out completely? Any chance of offering them again as a LOT of collectors are still missing them...?

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    Is it possible to keep the standard ankles on future collector choice figures ?

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    With all the internal changes that have happened at Mattel and Matty, will the full sub line ups still be revealed all at once?
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    Now that Tuskador has been revealed is it true that his tusks will be smaller in the finished product?

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    Would you consider putting Serpentine Hsss up for sale at the same time as another out of sub item such as the Roton or the single carded Horde Trooper?, so folks can at least combine shipping so the Hsss cost doesn't seem as bad with shipping added on.
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    At SDCC there was a mention of potential other lines being offered through Matty--is this still on the table?

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    While most people agree that filmation He-man is an awesome figure (it sold out in less than 15 minutes!) the strange, clunky ankle pivots and the power sword -which doesn't really match the Filmation design - were a bit of a disappointment. Since the figure sold out so fast and is in high demand, would you consider a second run with a more Filmation accurate power sword and revamped ankle pivot articulation, similar to what other toy brands have been using for a few years ? (Rocker-ankle)
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    Why does Mattel no longer include mini comics or map posters with the subscriptions for MOTU 6" figures?

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    Since Matty has the rights to Filmation characters, is it possible that we could see a charactesr from the Blackstar brand appear in the MOTU line? The Blackstar character in particular had a cameo appearance as a statue in the cartoon episode "Temple of the Sun".
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    Do you see the Masters Of The Universe lines taking a back seat to the Thundercats line in the coming years?

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    Does Mattel plan on expanding the Club Grayskull/HATMOTU line to include beasts, items, or vehicles, or accessory packs?

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    The collector-friendly packaging for Club Grayskull figures with the removable sleeve and window box is highly welcome. Will the success of this packaging design act as a model for future collectors lines such as Club Third Earth?

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    The 3 Horde Trooper heads are cool but where's the General Sunder unhelmeted head?
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    Lodar art was shown in a Mattycollector presentation once, but we have never received a release of this character. Was there a reason Lodar was shown?
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    I like the 3 trooper heads, BUT for army builders it makes no sense to come with Sundar (I believe you guys did this as a costing thing) is there any way we can convince you to release a trooper head pack for those who wish to have an army of aqua troopers or new 52 troopers or vintage troopers etc??
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    Collectors choice sub was scaled down to 6 monthly figures this year (excluding extras) in order to test the actual demand from the fans. Since we were told that the sub sold three times its minimum goal, will we go back to a 12 figures sub in 2017?

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    So, given that the first figure in the Filmation line sold out in 5 minutes on your website, are you planning on fixing this
    anytime soon by making He-Man readily available so people who want one can actually buy one for retail price?
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    When the non-articulated Cringer figure was released with Queen Marlena as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, we were told that figure was a placeholder until Mattel could give us an articulated Cringer in a few years (perhaps sharing some mold pieces with a cat-form Catra). Since that was 2011 and it's been 5 years now, has a 2.0 Cringer been considered yet for release? Cringer is a main character, and it's frustrating to only have a mini-statue of him when virtually every other main and recurring character now has a super-articulated figure released.

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    There was a post on on February 2nd at 4:18pm informing fans that you have heard us loud and clear on the ankle joints and that the Thundercat figures WILL NOT receive the ones the Club Grayskull filmation figures got and you went on to say Based on your feedback, we’re also currently working very hard on improving the current ankle joints on our Filmation line.

    My question is just what is mattel design planning to do to improve the current ankle joints on the Filmation line since we already saw production figures of Skeletor & Beast-man with the same bad ankles as filmation He-Man at ToyFair and will we get sets of improved boots later on where the ankles are flush to the foot to eliminate that horrible gap for He-man, Skeletor & Beast-Man with reissued figures of them or in a possible weapons pack?
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    We have heard that there will be a Thundercats Classic SDCC exclusive this year, but will there be a MOTUC exclusive for BOTH Collectors' Choice AND Club Grayskull, or will there just be one MOTUC style exclusive?
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    Can you elaborate on when to expect the NA Thunder Punch armor? And are you planning further pack-ins for NA?

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    Are you aware that the most fan-demanded Filmation characters now come from the Filmation She-Ra series? There are also a lot of female Filmation characters, which tend to be disproportionately represented compared to male characters, despite their popularity.

    Where does Mattel stand on these characters that have so far been left out of the MOTUC roster?
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    Do you run "Club Grayskull" as part of the Masters of the Universe Classics line, similiar to 2015's "Club 200X", or is it a separate line called He-Man and the Masters of the Universe that just shares parts and is interchangeable with MotU Classics?
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