So, I thought I would get in on this recent thread craze as the possible announcement of the FilMation rights at SDCC continues to grow.

Now, there are a LOT of FilMation characters that I want brought into the line, many of them already have threads, but King Micah, Ahgo and Grox, King Miro (adapted from the cartoon in the same manner as Randor was for the toy) are all high on my list as well. But so is General Sunder. Personally, I think we was one of the best written somewhat minor characters (though he had just as many appearances as many other characters) on the PoP show and his design is just great. I think he would make for a very striking figure with his armor and plumed helmet, especially since they are qualities that are not rampantly represented in MOTU. Plus, I think it would be very cool if they repurposed his base body, added a Horde symbol and gave us a two-pack of Horde Officers to help boss around the Troopers.

So, is there more support to be shown for this well-written character that could be a potentially awesome figure?