I might sound a bit harsh here but why continue to record new episodes when you can't get the last 7 edited and available to listen to?

I understand Val is strapped for time, so why not use the time you would spending recording the episode and use it to edit ones that are not done yet. That would alleviate the time issue I would think. That or some delegation might be in order (considering how much Val is involved with between the org, PowerCon/ThunderCon, SDCC get-together, and working to pay the bills).

If it is webspace hosting issue, would the simple solution be to just delete older episodes to make room for newer episodes? Will that solution work or is it more of a bandwidth issue? Can we donate to He-man.org to help alleviate the issue?

Honestly, I find Roast Gooble Dinner a lot more enjoyable when it is current (news/items being discussed are less than 2-3 weeks old). As it stands now, the next upcoming episodes will be dealing with topics/news over a month old.