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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkspecter View Post
    I haven't read them, but their concepts sound good. *shrugs* I like stuff like that much better than Reboots...or gimmicks like "look at my new costume all fans will hate, but we'll change it back to make everyone happy again, generate buzz and sell more books."
    How about just telling good stories instead of any of the above? That's the model that worked for YEARS.

    Company-wide event crossovers were something that happened like once a decade - they were a HUGE deal. And new costumes or reboots even less often.

    ummm... And Flashpoint existed solely to reboot DC and create a bunch of costumes fans hate...

    Fear Itself is just another in a never-ending stream of crossovers. But its made worse by being incredibly boring, and telling us its a REALLY BIG DEAL over and over when nothing looks or feels like it is...

    The X-books are suffering the same thing. Too many events. There is a reason why most of them have become unreadable (with the exception of the few that aren;t part of the crossovers).
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