Have been reading DC for a loooong time. I feel I don't know these rebooted characters who were once old favorites.

Captain Atom, Firestorm, Hawk & Dove, Suicide Squad, JLDark. These have all lost the magic of 20 years ago.

It feels to me DC have forgotten how to reboot a'la 1985 Crisis.

This new 52 has all the vibe of the post Zero Hour titles that came and went in a blip of fan disinterest (Fate, Manhunter, that group with Red Tornado, Primal Force?). Only that feel seems to apply to all titles, perhaps except for JLI and JLA.

It hurts me to say it but I cannot see myself sticking with these comics much longer. Maybe JLI and JLA will stay ... and Aquaman cos of a lifetime of following him ... but I'm buying DC comics now out of force of habit and the hope they might improve, rather than actually enjoying them.