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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimus Prime View Post
    I'm still only reading the Green Lantern oriented stuff.
    Did you hear that the entire family of comics are wrapping up their runs and all of the writers are leaving:

    Also anyone getting the Justice League of America #1 bundle pack this week that contains all of the covers for $145.00??

    I am, thats a huge savings not to mention when you add in a ten percent discount. Full cover on these issues all 54 would be:


    in the bundle its $145.00

    With my in store discount thats $130.50

    Well plus my regular pull list of $68 for the week so before tax I am looking at roughly $190.70


    Okay I thought it was 54 covers the standard US Flag cover and 53 variants but I am only finding it solicited with the standard and 52 covers, any one know if there is a seperate 54th cover??
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