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I crack up at other message boards, people are still ripping apart the old Batgirls (Steph and Cass) saying Babs is the one true, only Batgirl, and the others are inferior, while touting how great the current run is doing. How it is in the high 50k or 60k. I keep bringing it up, its only falsely inflated due to Snyder's cross over and that it'll drop back down to where it was before running close neck and neck with Batwoman. They don't see it as every single issue is dropping and that Batgirl's numbers will return to where they were before this last cross over.

Honestly truth be told Steph and Cassandras stories were leaps and bounds better than the current Batgirl, I just feel it's only name recognition of Babs being Batgirl again and then with Gail Simone attached. I mean its a decent series, not nothing thats stellar, I personally would prefer Cassandra Cain or Stephanie Brown back and think it is rotten that DC Comics feels they are to toxic for comics.
Betty Kane is the one, true, only Batgirl. (I kid, I kid. I'm a big Cassie fan myself)