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Thread: Kuduk Ungol The Eagle Sorceress for MOTUC

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    Quote Originally Posted by zodak74 View Post
    I don't think there's enough of a difference to warrant her inclusion in the MOTUC line as a figure. I view her as another Snake Man-At-Arms situation.
    I agree with that completely, however, Mattel does tend to enjoy the zero effort figures, so I wouldn't be surprised to get more of those down the road....

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    I think that when i get my temple of darkenss socreress, I will use that buck to make a Kudok Ungol.

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    And This what Kuduk Ungols bird form looks like, from the keeper of the ancient ruins episode. The sorceress could not help Teela anymore with her powers, therefore calling upon a higher power to come to her rescue, an older and wiser sorceress, but once a former sorceress steps down and leave the castle, they take on their bird and take to the skies.
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    If they ever make her, I'd like the colors to be muted, and not so bright as the sorceress we have. Or perhaps they can just inlude her head with another figure. Veena?

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    Kuduk Ungol/Sorceress 2.0

    As a kind of follow on from Val's thread and other similar ones active currently, I got thinking about how they would re-release some of the figures e.g Teela.

    That led me to think about the Sorceress; she had some issues, mainly with the wing functionality. Many previous threads have looked at the problems and possible fixes in detail so I won't do that here.

    So, would a Kuduk Ungol figure, that had a better wing design and a more Filmation deco (all orange inner wings) be a figure people would buy?

    As well as being a separate character, with a more aged head sculpt and slightly different headdress, the figure could essentially be a Sorceress 2.0 in a similar way to Bubble Power She-Ra. She could also come with other accessories or artifacts.

    I understand other Sorceress type variants like Veena may be more demanded, but character wise Kuduk Ungol was quite important in the Filmation episode in which she appeared, "The Origin of the Sorceress."
    With Castle Grayskull now in the hands of many of us, the issue with the wings has been highlighted again as we try to get our Sorceress to sit on the throne.

    Would like to hear people's thoughts.
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    That is an awesome idea. I know folks would love to have one on their CG thrones.

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    No reruns in the sub. I don't want to have to but another sorceress because other people missed out or don't want to pony up the secondary market price.

    Kuduk Ungol is a cool idea but the laziest design possible. Filmation cheapness at work. No to this figure.

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    I think it's a great idea to get a Sorceress re-release. I would also be okay if they just released her head in a heads pak at some point. I think she could be a pretty important character if they flesh out her bio a bit.

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    As a Filmation fan I'd absolutely like her as a figure. Especially if she also had re-designed wings without those ugly drums on the back and be able to fit on the throne.

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    It would be an awesome idea for a Sorceress re-do!
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    What an awful name, though... not very feminine.

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