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Thread: Gimme your current top 5 MOTC villians based on whatever you want!

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    Gimme your current top 5 MOTC villians based on whatever you want!

    1. Skeletor. (Simply the best. If it aint broken, don't fix it)
    2. Spirit of Hordak. (Frankenberrylicious)
    Dorko. (I like him already)
    4. Evil-Lyn. (Yellow, blue and purple attack)
    5. *Gamblor (AKA The Mighty Mite Spector with purple cowboy hat on)

    *Not The Mighty Spector's real name or allegiance, but hey this is my cannon and not yours.
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    I'll bite; we need as many fun threads around here as we can get lately!

    1) Skeletor: He's just the best. Ever!

    2) Shokoti. Foxy. Blue. Spooky!

    3) Mantenna. I just love this figure, and he's got a lot of memories wrapped up in him.

    4) Stinkor. He's just a great character, and I love his stench. Bring on ODIPHUS!!!

    5) The Unnamed One. I was a big fan of the idea of it being what it looks like it is, and I love what it looks like it's going to be. It makes perfect sense, he's not the trite monster many were hoping for, and he has successfully rattled a bunch of cages already. I may try to always be nice, but I love when the rants start up and reveal everyone's true colors!
    Not to sound like a creepy cheerleader for Uki, but it's nice to know there is at least one person on this forum who is extremely positive & friendly all the time. I don't think I could be that nice even if you paid me. If we ever give out awards for "forum member of the month", Uki gets my vote. -Mr. Shokoti

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    The original Horde Five! They will always top my list, but since they are an entire faction, I'll go with:

    1)Skeletor: Because he's Skeletor. August's variant can't come soon enough for me.

    2)Whiplash: He was my favorite one of Skelly's crew when I was a kid, and it hasn't changed.

    3)Webstor: Dude's an anthropomorphic spider. Not a costume. What's not to love?

    4)Dragstor: See: Webstor, but replace "spider" with "dragster".

    5)Slush Head: I can't help it. Slush Head rocks. I want him to defect to the Galactic Protectors, be given the Sword of Power, and become He-Slush.
    Some remaining, post 2016-Reveals, WANTS:
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    Are we talking those already made or those we want?

    If those we want....

    1. Saurod.
    2. Dragstor
    3. MultiBot
    4. Squeeze
    5. Tongue Lashor

    Unfortunately I don't remember enough about PoP or the Filmation cartoons to name names there.
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    Top 5 Villains (based on my favorite characters):
    1. Draego-Man
    2. Stinkor
    3. Whiplash
    4. Mer-Man
    5. Two-Bad

    Honorable Mention:
    • Mantenna
    • Trap-Jaw
    • Slush Head
    ......... ........

    MOST WANTED MOTUC figures:
    Ice Armor He-Man, Sagitar, Master Sebrian, Snake Mountain Man, Filmation Mer-Man, NA Prince Adam, Dylamug, Fang-Or, Major Header, Granita, Great Black Wizard, Quakke, Delora/Hawke, Dree-Elle/Montork, Tuvar, Badrah, Disco Skeletor, Songster, & Stridor

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    No. 1 - Skeletor (The Original Blue Baddy)
    No. 2 - Hordak (Vintage Toy Version)
    No. 3 - Beastman (He's always been one of my top figures in MOTU)
    No. 4 - Scaregow (Never owned him as a kid, but I always catch myself gazing at him on the shelf - looks like a bad***)
    No. 5 - Grizzlor (kinda an alternate Beastman to me, so I always liked him)

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    1. Hordak - Always been my top guy.
    2. Skeletor - Gotta love ol - boneface.
    3. Batros - He's cold and calculated.
    4. Icer - Just love an ice guy.
    5. Jitsu - Just part of my samurai side.

    Honorable mention : Drago-man, Grizzlor and Faker.
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    3.Horde Prime
    5.King Hsss

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    Based on nostalgia and figures in MOTUC....

    Nostalgia factor
    Trap Jaw

    MOTUC figures

    Filmation Love
    Filmation Hordak
    Recent.... Perfuma
    Wanted.... Masque, Crita & Vultak
    Needed.... Dragstor & the new Filmation line.

    Oh man, did I forget to use these [sarcasm][/sarcasm] again? Sorry....

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    1. Skeletor
    2. Grizzlor
    3. Tri-Klops
    4. Beast Man
    5. Evil-Lyn

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    Evil Lynn
    Trap jaw

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    1) Skeletor
    2) Mer-Man
    3) Trap-Jaw
    4) Scare Glow
    5) Blue Mer-Man
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    Great idea for a thread! I'm limiting my choices to characters that got a figure at any point, but the figures themselves aren't the criteria, it's mainly the characters.

    1. Hordak - My favorite MOTU character, period. His appearance in the 200x cartoon is probably one of my favorite moments in franchise history

    2. Skeletor - close second here, and I mean CLOSE. The original bad guy of MOTU can only ever be topped by his teacher for too many reasons to count.

    3. Shokoti - the very best of the one-off villains from Filmation to ever get a figure for sure, I can only imagine what she'd have been able to accomplish teaming up with Skeletor or Hordak

    4. Snake Face - I think he's way under-rated and has always been one of my favorites. To me, he's immune to his own petrifying gaze and because He-Man or She-Ra can't use their great strength to fight that power directly, it makes them use their brains.

    5. Multi-Bot - A robot that just won't stop coming, he rebuilds himself and much like the Terminator there is no reasoning with him. No remorse, no pity, just 100% pure programmed evil.
    Bring me: Lord Masque / Saurod / Dragstor
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    1. Skeletor: The Lord of Destruction. The Overlord of Evil. The ruler of the Dark Hemisphere. One of the most charismatic villains ever created.

    2. King Hiss: The leader of Snake Men. The only person that succeeded to keep Eternia enslaved for thousands years. He is also a badass and......... he eats people.

    3. Count Marzo: The only human powerful wizard. He almost defeated the Elders all alone!

    4. Shokoti: The Mistress of the Living Darkness. The Vampire Queen of MOTU.

    5. General Tataran: The formidable Goblin general. He put Eternos under siege and almost succeeded to sent He-Man into retirement.

    Honorable mensions: Evil-Lyn, Trap-Jaw and Tri-clops.

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    Evil Lynn
    Two Badd
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    1. Skeletor (hoping for Laser Light version)
    2. Faker (hoping for Leo version)
    3. Trap Jaw
    4. Beast Man
    5. Mantenna
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    In no particular order:


    Honorable mention: Evil Lyn, Trap Jaw, Catra
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    Shadow Weaver
    Hordak (200X, not Filmation)
    Webstor (I hate Spiders)

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    1. Scareglow
    2. Karg
    3. Shadow Weaver
    4. Snake Goddess
    5. Skeletor

    As you can see I'll never have all my top 5 figures...
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    1. Skeletor
    2. Hordak
    3. King Hiss
    4. Count Marzo
    5. Evil-Lyn
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    1. Skeletor--one of my first two figures (the other was Man-at-Arms; He-Man was sold out in the Duluth MN area in December of 1983, apparently ) and the archetypal villain of the MotUverse.

    2. King Hiss--a great foil for Skeletor, going more off the vintage toyline when they were uneasy allies, rather than 200X--I liked a lot of 200X, but I had issues with their Hiss. For me, Hiss is the slimy Evil Lord of Deception, with a veneer of civilization covering a cold-blooded heart. He's also the archnemesis of He-Ro, who I've adopted as one of my favorite heroes. And in my mind, Hiss is voiced by Marc Alaimo.

    3. Hordak--vintage toy or 200X version. He makes an excellent ancient, distant, implacable evil. If Skeletor is Skeletor, and King Hiss is Gul Dukat (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Hordak to me is Darkseid.

    4. Scare Glow--I know it's not and never has been canon, but to me, he will always be the evil ghost of Skeletor, returned from death and perhaps traveling through time to manipulate things for the ends of Evil.

    5. Faker--I've been fascinated by the evil robot imposter since 1983, and he's both so rich in potential and so underused that you can do just about anything with him.

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    Tough one. Based on what we've received so far, I'll go with:

    * Kobra Khan ~ Fantastic update on one of my favourite villains.
    * Trap-Jaw ~ Easily one of the most impressive figures in the line.
    * Evil-Lyn ~ There's just 'something' I like about the way EL's figure turned out.
    * BA Skeletor ~ Nostalgic factor in play here, he was one of my favourites after Roboto as a kid.
    * Modulok ~ The vintage figure was fun, while modern figure is just amazing. Can't wait to receive him next week...

    Honourable mentions:

    *Spikor *Clawful *Catra *Mantenna *Tri-Klops
    Most Wanted MOTU Classics:

    *MotU ~ Multi-Bot/Tung Lashor *PoP ~ Angella/Mermista *200X ~ Roboto/Calix *Filmation ~ Teela Na/Lord Masque
    *Play-Sets ~ Snake Mountain/Fright Zone *Vehicles ~ Roton/Land Shark *Beasts ~ Night Stalker/Stridor

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
    Honourable mentions:

    *Spikor *Clawful *Tri-Klops
    (3 of my old skool favs)
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    So hard to choose, MOTU absolutely excels when it comes to villains. I agree that the original Horde 5 are pretty flawless as a group of menacing, freaky, well designed villains.
    My top 5 in no order:

    Slush Head
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    1. Hordak (I don't think they get much more evil than Hordak)
    2. Skeletor (he's my favorite top bad guy)
    3. Snake Face (turns folks into stone)
    4. Mosquitor (he sucks people's blood, not a good guy)
    5. Blade (bold enough to battle He-Man in a sword fight to even the score)

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