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"What a great way to refresh Tri-Klops down the road...no plans though"

Seriously though, I'd be totally down for this as a variant or minor repaint. BUT...I demand a green mini comics Trap Jaw repaint first. That was the best repaint of the 200x line by far.
Agreed! First our TJ, next TK.

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YES! Definitely with a second bandana-wearing head, too!

I'd also love to see an ambrosia-effect Trike (as well as Skeletor and Lyn) as seen in "Sky War."
Great idea. As a mini comics fan I couldn't be more excited about a TK repaint/variant, but I feel that just this mini comic variant might not convince too many fans. By including the bandana-wearing head, it might just be possible to make him more attractive to more fans.