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Thread: Motuc Vintage style Catra (toy deco)

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    Motuc Vintage style Catra (toy deco)

    Hello guys! Here is my next custom of the week. Due to the many e-mails I got about making "vintage styled" pop characters, I had to try making a custom Vintage style Catra, just as she was released in the 80's.

    The chest had to be re sculpted entirely, plus I gave her an articulated tail, 80's style boot details and mask. She then was repackaged for the mint on card collector. She is on "the bay" now for those of you interested:

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    Well, I never liked the design of the Vintage Dolls (although I have four She-Ras in my collection), but as Classics vision here - and If Matty brings out her like this - I would buy her immediately!
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    I LOVE this.

    Sadly...I have to buy a goofy head on Clawful with no options because "that's how the toy was" But I can't get the Catra I wanted most even though that's how the toy was.

    Double standards are great.

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    Nice take on Catra. I like the corset look you kinda gave her. :-)

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    LOVE the upper part of her costume. Great job!
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    Quote Originally Posted by illicitjedi View Post
    LOVE the upper part of her costume. Great job!
    Very much! I want to mix your upper part with the lower part of her from kalels custom fur skirt then add your tail to that and your boots, she would be my dream Catra, oh but with my jewel! Lol
    Look for my designs on Deviant art. I am under Octobersdream. Will do commissions of anything, original to recreating any older line. Also needing POP stuff and some MoTU things aswell.

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