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    200X Sorceress-2nd question!

    So as you see, I'm working on a 200X Sorceress...thing is... I can't decide if I want to use her MVP color scheme or the one the Horsemen had originally planned. Like the limited edition staction released. Can't decide can't decide...what do ya'll think?

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    Looking good so far!

    I would say use the MYP color scheme. Even though the 4HM intended for her to have the 'classic' color scheme, the MYP one is the one most associated with that design.

    Plus, while I hope we get a few versions of the Sorecess in MOTUC, I think that we all know if we only get one, it will be the classic/vintage look, with that corresponding color scheme. So, in that case you would have 2 Sorceress figures in classic/vintage color schemes. IMO it would be cool to have the 200X version have the MYP color scheme to make her stand out more by comparison.

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    That looks very cool.
    MYP for the reasons above.

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    First off, this is off to a great start! Second, I prefer the MYP color scheme to the vintage inspired one as well. I think it's mainly because I didn't like the fading orange-to-blue on the wings.

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    Looks great so far.
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    great start!

    i agree with dynamo for the color scheme.

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