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Thread: Lack of Ears on Filmation and MOTUC Females

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    Lack of Ears on Filmation and MOTUC Females

    As I look at many of the character models from Filmation's He-Man and She-Ra series. I notice that the artists rarely drew ears on the female characters. They usually covered them with hair, or a headgear of some sort. Some characters had a tiny fleck of earlobe or an earring, but for the most part, most of the female characters drawn were earless.

    I wonder why these specific design choices were made? This also translated into the MOTUC line, as most of the females lack distinct ear sculpts. I think Teela and Octavia are the only two characters with full ear sculpts, as well as Battleground Evil-Lyn's head. Others have bottom lobes visible or nothing at all.

    Are there any other female figures with full ear sculpts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirsniffy View Post
    I wonder why these specific design choices were made?
    From animation standpoint, covering up the ear may have made it better for the animators. Just like how He-Man's harness doesn't have the red squares present.

    But it's an interesting question. Haven't double-checked at the older animation shows from 60s and 70s, but now looking back overall, I saw lot of cartoons where females who had
    long flowy hair, had the ears "hidden" underneath all that hair.

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    It will have been the easier-to-draw option behind the removal of ears from as many female (and male) characters as they could, but they still have some showing their ears.

    Oh, and just from doing some research for the ear thing, I have found the Mermista transformation sequence was used previously in (or even made for) the Moray characters dive in their Super 7 series!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirsniffy
    Are there any other female figures with full ear sculpts?

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    I think it doesnt have any reason or meaning behind it, but its rather a coincidence. Women have long hair and longer hair cover ears, I think it just comes down to a simple explanation like this one. I remember at first noticing that almost every male is ripped like Arnold, and that was something that was making me wonder whys that

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