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    WIP 200X Sorceress

    Hi everybody! I'm posting on my sorceress that I had previously asked opinions concerning what color scheme to go by. I have made my decision and am going with MVP colors this time around. I tried editing the post to put a new title on it but it won't let me..hmmm anybody know how? or merging that thread with this one? Anyhow, I have never done a work in progress thread so here it is! I'm posting the most recent shots I took with my phone this morning...they're not the greatest but you get the idea. The headress isnt behind the ears...dont know if thats a big deal or inaccurate and should be changed? Does it look bad? I am trying to think of a way to do the skirt in some sort of pliable/flexible material though I haven't thought of anything yet. You can see on the left side some prelimanary sculpting of the skirt. It hasn't been finalized or shaped. Just a form to dry for support...not sure if im gonna keep....I thought of maybe white rubberbands cut and fused together......any ideas? Im pretty sure I'm not going to go with will not lay right and look stiff and heavy. Help! hehe

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