As we are getting closer & closer to SDCC, our hearts are pumping heavily about MOTU/C’s 5 major announcements. I know everyone of us are hugely excited about this, But the one announcement we are all waiting for & the one we expect the most is Flimation Rights !!!! Getting Flimation cartoon accurate MOTU figures is a 30 years dream for all of us !!! Now I know it’s too early to start a poll like this, but for the first time, we hear Toy Guru saying from “sorry.... we can’t talk about the figures that we never own” to “I think hypothetically we’d hit the big guns first. Cornboy has been begging for a Lizard Man figure, and fortunately the fans have kept numerous “want” lists on the boards so we have a very good idea of what Filmation characters fans would want if they ever did become available.” !

One of things which annoyed me right from the start in MOTUC is Furry Loin Cloth ! Original vintage figures came with brief designed short pants. it looked great & the toys also represented the toon effect in terms of "look". However in MOTUC figures, loin cloth design was introduced & it has been continued till this day. I know it was an inspiration from the 200X toy line & cartoon. Not sure whether it was Mattel's decision OR 4HM themselves wanted loin cloth design in MOTUC. Either way, articulation was NOT the case to ignore brief underwear design. MOTUC King Hssss is a very good example for that. He has the same leg articulation like any other MOTUC figures. His underwear design NEVER hindered the leg movement & it looked impressive on him ! I wondered why this idea was not implemented with other MOTUC figures. However, it’s not too late & boy; this is the perfect time to bring this back, especially on flimation accurate male figures !!! So here we go !!

“IF “(Yes.... BIG “IF”) we are getting Flimation Figures, Do you want to see the male figures coming with brief underwear design OR Loin Cloth design like regular MOTUC figures ?

Personally, I would LOVE to see Flimation Figures come with briefs design & I have some very good reasons for it ! 1) Most of the male characters (up to my knowledge) in flimation cartoon had brief pants. 2) That’s how the vintage figures came. 3) This is how we should get these figures since they are called “FLIMATION ACCURATE”. 4) It will give us that “Retro” effect & it will also hide the inner parts of the figure, thus making it more beautiful & elegant. & lastly, 5) If these figures are not part of MOTUC line (like going Retail) It’ll be very good change & give a unique appearance in terms of look !

I request ALL of you to vote this poll without ignoring, because a small percent of voting will not awake Matty’s /Toy Guru’s giant eyes ! They need a huge, thumping amount of votes to implement this in the future !!

I do hope you’ll make your vote count on the “RIGHT” side !!

Let the polling begin !!!