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Thread: the Official MOTUC Procrustus Thread

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    You can't jump on Scott until we see an OFFICIAL one that is wrong. It is OK to point it out, but again that is anything BUT official.
    Agreed, and that is why I used the word "IF" in my post. Nevertheless, I'd say things don't look too great, since it seems the Procrustus appearing in TG's Granamyr video also appears to some fans to be suffering from some "misassembly problems"...

    P.S. : personally, I wasn't able to notice the issue on the Procrustus figure featured in TG's Granamyr video (Procrustus is too small for me to notice a thing, to be honest)... We'll have to wait for Pixel Dan's preview to be certain.
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    Seeing Jitsu packaged has gotten me wondering when we're gonna see this big bad boy in his box...
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    Oh man, I can't wait! I can't believe we're almost going to get him!
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    Procrustus, such a bland looking figure. How would you color him up???

    This figure needs a color make over, how would you spice him up???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Smith View Post
    This figure needs a color make over, how would you spice him up???
    I personally love this figure! But I'm getting him because he's like this huge stone golemn that would fit perfectly with the Sword and Sorcery stuff that I like in MOTU so much.

    If I WE'RE going to change him, I'd probably paint him like gray stone (Think DCUC Darseid. Black base with dry brush of gray, then a little white for fake scratches) and then add and paint plant textures on him like Moss and some Lichen.
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    Would color him Castle Grayskull style (like CGM) and with a few golden accents.....or make him like original Castle Grayskull (white with gold accents)
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    No he doesn't, he's perfect as is.

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    My first thought was gold accents as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Smith View Post
    This figure needs a color make over, how would you spice him up???
    First I'd give him some coal black streaks in his hair. Then I'd add some blush to help accentuate those prominent cheekbones of his. After which I'd apply a bit of green eyeshadow for that bit of contrast from his earth tone. You know, to give him that bit of "forest-y" feel to him. After all, he is an Earth deity. Finally I would do his nails with diamond stones to finish the whole "underground resources" theme. Voila! He's ready to take on any challenges!
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    I think he would look B.A. in a stone color. Shazbot, now I totally want him that way.
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    I wasn't sure about Procrustus (mostly because of how obscure a character he is) but he's exceeded my expectations. Here are a few images with the full photo gallery available at Cool Toy Review

    mattel_MOUTC_Procrustus-18.jpg mattel_MOUTC_Procrustus-19.jpg

    mattel_MOUTC_Procrustus-20.jpg mattel_MOUTC_Procrustus-21.jpg

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