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Thread: The Official GARTH Thread

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    As long as he comes with a Filmation head, I would not mind a more detailed bug man design. It's mostly that expressive Filmation face that I would want to display. I think his face was amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zargon View Post
    I think he should come as his own two pack, like Tuvar and Baddrah should....
    I know it's a pipe dream, but I'd love it if they released those as a 3-pack with Two-Bad. This is one a few three-packs that would have made perfect sense (Two-Bad in the middle with Tuvar and Baddhra on their corresponding sides). I know, I know, some anti-200X vintage-only-ists wouldn't like it, but I think most people would be thrilled to get Tuvar and Baddhra in addition to Two-Bad, since I think the chances will be pretty slim that they release Tuvar and Baddhra independently as a 2-pack after Two-Bad gets released single-carded.

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    Added the pic of his spear from eye of the beholder in last post

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    right behind you...
    i support pink bunny men and butterfly dudes! bring on the garth!
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    Yeah I think he would be quite a cool character......

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    Quote Originally Posted by iron_pride View Post
    Yeah I think he would be quite a cool character......

    I think we can make a good custom with TMNT cockroach terminator figure.
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    uhg. Nope. Dont want him, dont care. Oh, I'll buy it if it got made, and even think it's cool if they either linked him to the insect people groups like Buzz off & Webstor.


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    Garth is cool. I like him.
    But I got to say we already have plenty of flying heroes. Also hes falls into the category being similar to Buzz-Off, Sweet Bee & Flutterinia.
    I would still be happy if we got him, but there are so many figures I would much rather have.
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    Garth is in poll #10 this week! Vote him up!
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    Having re-watched his episode over the weekend, I'd love a Garth figure, he'd be pretty easy to do, just requires a new head and wings.
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    I have always dreamt of this butterfly warrior becoming a figure, every since I saw him as a kid on tv. Then I had higher hopes that he would be made because of fluttering and her wings.

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    I have always wanted Garth and "Eyes of the Beholder" is one of the top 20 episodes of the series!

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    So I've decided to make Garth my rally character since I feel like, once again, anything is possible in this line.

    I'd prefer his human form, but I'd take the bug form too. One of the better episodes of the original show, and we don't have a lot of Filmation only good guys from the He-Man cartoon. Go Garth!
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    I want him in the line too. He doesn't get much love. Hope he get made someday.
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    I am generally against the idea of Garth somehow manifesting himself in the MoTUC line, mostly because I consider his episode one of the worst of the series. What his character ultimately represents to me is completely anathema to the episode's intended moral.

    I hope to never see Garth in action figure form - mostly for what he represents.

    - an orange furred Beast Man refers to an insectoid as a monster . . . an orange furred beast man who has encountered the likes of Buzz-Off, and has worked alongside the likes of Webstor . . .

    - . . . an orange furred beast man who is currently working alongside a triklopian abomination.

    - For heaven's sake, this is Eternia! You've encountered worse than this with which to elicit such an extreme reaction of disgust. Millipede monsters live in the ground almost everywhere for crying out loud!

    - Skeletor calls insectoid Garth "ugly" and He-Man essentially agrees: "He may look ugly . . ."

    - Garth's transformation into a ripped, beautiful-eyed butterfly man is meant to represent the evolutionary destiny of his insectoid race . . .


    So, ripped, butterfly men are inherently more advanced a species than the insectoids that the show's moral is wanting us to accept on it's own merits?

    - Teela's Moral: "Today we met Garth, who to some people, (a man with three eyes and a hunched and orange beast man) looked like a monster." Okay. . . You work for a Skeleton faced, blue-skinned man-god who employs reptilian venom sprayers, two-headed monsters, spider-men, horribly disfigured cyborgs, and slimy mer-folk, to name a few and to you, that's a monster?

    "But Garth wasn't a monster. In the end his beauty showed through!" Yeah, when he became a ripped and beautiful butterfly man with big, beautiful eyes and a more humanoid appearance. Thank goodness he wasn't one of those objectively ugly insectoids any more.

    Really. This is an episode that I think even managed to drop the ball on it's moral lesson. Garth should stay hidden in the cavern of shame.
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    From a Cost Saving point of view, Garth is a easy to make figure. New head, "armor/torso" and wings. (flutterina's wouldn't work for him).
    We have Kobra Khan or Plundor's Loincloth to make for his speedo. the forearms could use the Traditional bracers (Or Bow's if we wanna get fancy)
    For the boots we can use Geldor's on the normal shins.
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    Yes! I want Garth in te Motuc line.

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    I think Garth looks pretty cool and would welcome him into my collection!
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    I really hope they get around to Garth. When you don't count Chef Allen or Melaktha, it's really Garth and Kittrina that are kind of the last Masters they have to make! At least, I consider the two of them as Masters.

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    He's very important in my wishlist.

    He could come with his bug form too.

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