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Thread: What Power-Con means to me...what does it mean to you?

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    What Power-Con means to me...what does it mean to you?

    I have attended Power-Con for two consecutive years and will be going again this summer. Why? There are many reasons but let’s take a step back.

    When I first heard about the show, I always thought it was way out of reach, especially since I lived in Maine at the time. Figuring out how to get my butt across country seemed to me, at the time, impossible. Then when I read about those who went the first few years, the guests, the panels, it always came across as a rock show extravaganza to me. Fans on these boards meeting each other for the first time, fans meeting those who worked on the MOTU universe, the intimate setting of meeting and interacting with these people was actually real and I could be a part of it. Could I actually meet Alan Oppenheimer, hang out with Brian Dobson, learn more about the MOTU universe than I ever thought? Yes, I could.

    I made the decision I was going to go for the first time when Power-Con was going to move from CA to NY. Man, I could actually drive there, make a long weekend and now it seems it was within reach. I was on-line the second everything was communicated and couldn’t be more excited. So needless to say, when Power-Con was cancelled that year and was communicated it was going back to CA, I was crushed. But the fire that drove me to go, even though it was closer, burned for the other reasons. Why the hell is the distance trying to stop me? There are fans who travel across the ocean to come to this show. This show being out of reach is in my head and it’s not going to stop me this time.

    So I got my tickets for Power-Con 2016, booked my flight and hotel room and made plans to hang out in CA for a few extra days after the show. I kept telling myself, this is really going to happen, I’m finally going to go! I hadn’t been so excited since I was a kid, that kind of excitement.

    We arrived on Friday and checked into the hotel a little after lunch. I met more people before the end of the day then I ever thought imagined. Who are you on the org? Oh yeah, I know you. The person is real and is there with you sharing the same excitement and interest in MOTU, not just a user name on a forum. Then I realized, this is a family…my MOTU family. A family who never runs out of things to say about our common interests, childhood stories, collecting stories, hunts we all went on…it is surreal and you realize you relate. It’s insane. Mind you, the show had not started, that comes tomorrow and already my expectations for this experience is through the roof.

    Exclusives/Badges Pick up: Easy as pie. I show my printed copy of my tickets and I receive a weekend badge along with any other merchandise I purchased, t-shirts, toys, exclusives, etc. It couldn’t be easier. Then we start having a few Power-Con exclusive drinks at the bar, have some chow and get ready for the weekend show.

    The floor is opened on Saturday morning and there is something for everyone! Vendors have toys from the very beginning of the toy line to the most recent releases. MIB and loose, whatever you prefer. There was even an Eternia there, which lasted only a few hours into the show. Not sure how many have actually seen an Eternia but it is massive and epic. There are vendors with Filmation cells, custom figures and art, diorama pieces, and other toys from other brands. Guests have tables set up to chat about their involvement with the MOTU universe and give autographs. Super 7 has their own table along with the 4 Horsemen. Think you’d ever meet those guys? Well, you can. And I did. I can’t express enough how there is something for everyone where you may need to calculate what you want with how much cash you brought. Tons and tons of stuff which keeps you coming back for more during the whole weekend.

    The panels are another feature that have something for everyone. One could be about Filmation where the next could be about MOTUC and the next about the 200x cartoon and the next about the Power Tour. You could actually go from panel to panel throughout the day and learn more than you ever could have imagined and directly from the folks who were involved. How cool is that?

    The costume contest is by far a fan favorite. Kids from maybe almost a year old to adults dressed as their favorite characters line up and show their costumes one by one in front of a panel of judges…who always have a guest as a judge. It is fun for all and not one to miss. Plus you get a chance to win cash prizes if you participate! Wicked cool!

    There is always something outside the norm at every Power-Con, too. One year there was a wedding proposal and the last two years there was a birthday celebration with cake…for everyone! Not something you would ever expect, but that’s another reason why Power-Con is that awesome!

    My tattoo story: I have a Skeletor tattoo on my upper right arm and with Alan Oppenheimer and Brian Dobson being at the show, I was encouraged by those I was with and those who I just met for the first time, to have Alan and Brian sign my arm and have their signatures tattooed. It just so happened that a vendor who was at the show was actually a tattoo artist and agreed to do the tattoo for free as it was a Power-Con first. Well, word got out and the support I received to do this was astronomical. Even Alan said to me when I mentioned it that I was a “damn fool” and laughed. But he also said he was honored and no one had ever asked him of this and signed my arm. Brian was the same way how he was honored and loved the idea. You can actually see how we did it in the 2016 Power-Con documentary video.

    Did I mention you can hang out at the bar or patio and have cocktails with the guests? You can. There is always the opportunity to sit with Brian Dobson on the patio having a few drinks and talk MOTU. Think I ever thought that would happen? Nope, but it does. Ever think Garry Chalk would sit with you on the patio sounding like Man-At-Arms from 200x and serenade you with a song he wrote? Nope, but he did.

    The experience at Power-Con can be relayed to you through my message here but it will never be enough to convince until you experience it for yourself. The amount of things to do during the show are almost endless. It is an experience that is within your reach and attainable. It will be one of the most memorable moments of your life and the best part is you share it with all the fans you meet…your MOTU family and mine.

    So what does Power-Con mean to you? Do you want to go and have not been yet? What is stopping you?
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    Power Con to me means something that I would love to go to but is halfway around the world and I’m broke so it’ll never happen.
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    Would totally love to go to Power con.. but im in crappy boston... cant swing that financially.. but if it ever came to the east coast... LOOK OUT CUZ IMMA COMIN..
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    Everything you said is certainly true! It is an amazing experience. It's been a bit of a financial struggle for me to get everything in line for me to go, and this year is no exception, but I still think it's worth it. Unfortunately I'm pretty shy when it comes to meeting new people so I have not opened up to others at the con the way you have, but I'm getting there . Plus I have been able to experience other things and meet some new people in California that I wouldn't have done otherwise. Power Con has become a must-do for me each year as long as I can find the means to do so.
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    Well said, Mike!

    On top of all of what Mike said, to me, it's about friendship. There are people that I've known for years going, and every year, I meet new folks. Even my wife and child both feel extraordinarily welcome there, and always meet new friends. I'm not just talking about people we only see at the con and don't talk to for another year. I mean people that are truly friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikethedrummer View Post
    So what does Power-Con mean to you?
    Personally, it doesn't really mean much to me other than an avenue to get some figures that would otherwise have not been made. But I recognize that its creation and existence allows individuals with a far greater love for all things Masters of the Universe than I could ever possess an avenue to come together and share their unified appreciation for this franchise and all those involved with it.

    Quote Originally Posted by mikethedrummer View Post
    Do you want to go and have not been yet? What is stopping you?
    I have never seriously thought about attending because I'm just not that big of a MOTU fan to warrant it. I'm a much bigger Transformers/Star Wars/GI Joe fan and I haven't attended any of those fan conventions either so it's nothing personal against MOTU. I guess I'm just not a con type of person.
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    It is one of the many grails of attending a convention some day, some way.

    I know it will (almost assuredly) never happen but it sounds like a wonderful dream, and it makes me happy to know it exists.

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    For me it's almost entirely about coming together with friends and having a fantastic time. It's a great party with like-minded individuals who I only get to see once a year. Can't wait!

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    To put it simply, for me, it's about extreme exhaustion being justified after seeing a lot of happy faces. That's a big part of what makes it all worthwhile.
    Hope to see you at Power-Con 2018!
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    Power Con for me is the ultimate hang out with my friends!
    In 2013 I flew over with 2 of my Aussie friends and it was amazing! Finally meeting people I'd known online for 13 years, face to face was an absolute blast!

    2016 was the best! Meeting Melendy Britt was a dream come true! Not to mention seeing the vintage Star Sisters prototypes in person! I'm still in awe of that!

    2017 was all about the MotU movie panel, The Return of Faker, and the Toy Documentary.

    It's an expensive trip for me to fly from Australia each year, not to mention the terrible Aussie/US $$ exchange rate. And I sacrifice a lot of other things in my life for the opportunity to do one thing for myself each year, but it's worth it!

    Well, actually, I mostly go to drink MotU themed cocktails...


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    I haven't been for the same reason I never go to any conventions: It's simply too expensive. I don't have much disposable income, so these things are always financially out of my reach. The job market where I live is terrible, so there's not much hope that my financial situation will improve anytime soon, unless I get really lucky and thousands of people start buying my books!

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    It's definitely on my bucket list. Someday when the stars align I'll finally meet you guys!

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    Power-Con started at the perfect time for me. It was the year after I re-discovered the MYP series, and was starting to get into the Filmation series. It was also great that, at the time, it included Thundercats, which I had been a fan of since the 90s/early 2000s. My favorite thing about it is being able to meet and hang out with all the voice actors. They're all awesome people and a great inspiration to me.

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    I enjoy hanging out and talking to fellow MOTU fans since there are very few around here. If I do go this year, I might take my family for the first time. While they like MOTU, it is not the same level as me. My favorite thing is going to the panels with the MOTU celebrity guests and talking to some of the guests. They are much more approachable at a smaller con than some medium level ones I've been to. I've never been to a huge con before because I don't like the idea of waiting in line 24 hours just to see one panel and missing so much else.

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    Regardless of whether I've been or not (which I haven't. haven't been able to) it's not about what it means to me. But what it means to the franchise as a whole.

    I.e. the franchise is still going. there is, still, enough interest in the franchise to have the event.

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    An extraordinary opportunity to keep the legacy alive regarding this licence we all love.
    With a bit of luck, i'll be able to attend there at least once in my life ...
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    I would love to attend Powercon but as others have stated it's way to exensive. Heck a flight to LA is like 600 bucks. A hotel stay you are looking at another 400-500 for 3 nights. I would heve to win the lottery in order to go. The only reason I was able to go Star Wars celebrations 5,6, and 8 was that they were in Orlando.

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    Great comments Mike and everyone else so far. I've been fortunate enough to attend Star Wars Celebration four times and Power-Con the past two years. They are both enjoyable for different reasons, but the intimacy of Power-Con cannot be beat. Meeting up with fans from around the world and bonding over this thing called He-Man. The recent documentary on Netflix, while entertaining, does not begin to describe the passion MOTU fans have for the property. For anyone unable to attend due to finances, I understand, but this is one weekend worth saving up for. I'm so glad I finally took the plunge last year, I'll never forget it, and so looking forward to this year's show!

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    LOVE it, Mike! You expounded so well on so much of it... truth is, as far as I'm concerned, it can't truly be put into words what Power Con means to many of us! It's truthfully a dream come true that we've been fortunate enough to have KEEP coming true! Since the first, it has never ceased to astound me that we (I) have gotten the opportunity to hang out with people who I view as heroes and who's work had a profound impact on my childhood and the person I've become (as well, by extension, impact on my children's lives and the people they will become.) I've gotten to spend actual "quality time" with Earl Norem! (and his lovely wife Peg and grandson Michael), and Erica Scheimer (who then invited me to come and meet her dad), and dozens of other folks who worked on the toys and cartoons and comics and movie, and other facets of this thing I love so much... it's freaking unbelievable to consider! And they ALL treat you like friends! Speaking of which, another exceptional aspect of Power Con is that it has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many people in this fandom that I honestly consider some of the most beautiful people on the planet. I may only get to see many of you/them this once per year, but I cherish that time to the point that if it had nothing to do with the "MOTU event", I'd STILL make the trip! All of the He-Man/She-Ra awesomeness is just icing on the cake! Power Con gives me a special time to look forward to all year that feels like it's something not just apart from the norm, but truly, magically, so much better than the "norm" of what many aspects of society and people demonstrate as routine these days. It's like a 2-3(-4) day slice of heaven. All smiles, all the time , 'round the clock! The panels and exclusives, and dealer room, and costume contest, etc are all fantastically presented and make for a great event, but I still think the person-to-person interactions and inevitable associated side-line experiences are what make it mean so much! The first 2011 Power Con is what got my then-36-year-old butt on a plane for the first time. Since then I've been to them all, gotten to bring the whole family, and don't plan to miss one as long as they continue... which I hope is forever! I can't stress enough how THANKFUL I am to Val and all the rest of the Power Con team for putting so much blood, sweat, and tears into this thing for our benefit that truly does mean SO MUCH to so many of us. And, I can't stress enough to anyone who hasn't gone, but may be able and has considered it... COME! (I cannot POSSIBLY imagine how you could ever regret the decision!)

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