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Thread: The Official MOTUC Kayo Thread

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    Not my top choice, he's a very generic character and easily made any time, a wasted slot, I'd prefer vizar.

    I think we all cant wait for HYDRON (just the regular and not all the variants) , NA SKELETOR obiousvly and sagittar would be a good candidate for a SDCC exclusive.

    I stil fear for lame characters like artilla ( what a dumb figure in the NA line) or hoove, they really are ugly but I thought of it for optikk too and the 4h have surprised me !
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    I'm all for a Kayo figure in MOTUC. He's my second most wanted GP, next to Hydron. To me he's part of the main Galactic Protector trio as he appeared in the mini comic. The image of him punching out Optikk's eye and saying something like "Made you blink!" was so cool when I first read it. For me he's a much better figure to be made than someone like Sebrian, for example, who's just an old man with a walking stick. He isn't Gandalf!
    I would want more GP vintage warriors like Kayo, Sagitar, Spinwit and Artilla in Classics, not story filler characters from the toon, Sebrian, Caz, Drissi - who are big yawners!
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    Yeah I don't know where Scott has got this from, Kayo will be an amazing figure (as will Vizar for that matter) he's the NA strong man, the NA Fisto!
    He's my second most wanted GG after Darius and I hope we get him sooner rather then later! I'm already planning on buying an extra one to paint his arms blue like the prototype and UK/Euro comics. Obviously needs a helmeted and unhelmeted head like all the GG's.
    He may not have been in the cartoon much but was heavily featured in both the mini and UK/Euro comics.
    As I kid I though he was cool because his helmet made him look like a Roman gladiator.
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    I want all of them...Vizar and Lizorr are my favs of course, but I don't see why they can't do them all...perhaps some better spacing out in the early years of the line would have helped a bit.

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    He's always been my favorite galactic guardian and the one I wanted most as a kid aside from Karatti. I love his design and I really hope at some point we get him in classics!!
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    I'll take Kayo, sure! I want them all eventually.
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    look frankley no i dont care about kayo. but of course he should get made. i wont cry if he didnt but i would feel no sense of loss.

    but one way or another, even if they resort to one figure a year, they should make all motu pop and na toy figures. not all variants, but at minimum the entire toy lineup.

    that is the only reason i have netossa. and realistically most of the reason i have/will have almost all na heros.

    what i love most about motuc is it's all inclusiveness. especially with the three oldest toy properties.

    so is kayo lame? or at worst underdeveloped as a character? sure. but he exists and so i want 'em at least technically.

    na scientists or sebrian? not so much but ill walk away from that.

    ill take a kayo. or not. whatever. but he should get made.

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    For me Kayo is essential!
    Not on my top NA list, but I must have this guy!
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    Kayo has actually been one of my top Wants from the entire MotU pantheon since the Classics line began. I had the toy growing up and always loved his armor. I'm sure the 4HM could make him look even more spectacular than he already is. I was very sad, however, when TG mentioned last year that MOTUC might not last long enough to get to some of the Galactic Protectors and mentioned Kayo by name...
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