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Thread: The Official MOTUC Hoove Thread

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    The Official MOTUC Hoove Thread

    I absolutely love this character, I think he is the best Mutant of them all. He reminds of this Zombie Cybernetic Bruiser, I just love the look of him, The threads that connect his lips, his suit, Not exactly sure why his name is Hoove, maybe a deadly mule kick or something. I see him as Floggs brute squad enforcer, Working in Tag team With Karatti, these two could kick the crap out of anyone. His upgrade from The blacksmith of Cerelus increased the size of her feet, making him "TOO Tall" Hoove, I would love to see them in Motuc.For accessories, he should get his gun from the original figure, as well as the gun that came with Too Tall Hoove, That way he gets 2 accessories and no need for a variant. And they should add to holsters for his guns. When it comes to his look, definitely the NA Cartoon look is the way to go.

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