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Thread: the Official MOTUC Quakke Thread

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    the Official MOTUC Quakke Thread

    Quakke is one of those characters who has awesome potentailly in the MOTUC. He has a built in seismograph in his suit, and his Weapon, the Grabatron Mace, is one of the most unique weapons created for the motu universe. And the mace was supposed to be holding Meteaors. I always imagined his grabatron mace has having some sort gravity device that would pull in these meteaors and comets. The size and makeup of the comet would then allow Quakke to create a massive earthquake by slamming the meteaors into the ground. The energy created by the earthquake, is then absorbed into his suit, which powers it up and increases all his attributes. A power hungry massive brute with an amazing weapon, makes for a great henchman for Flogg.

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