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Thread: Have lots of lots of figures, if anyone is interested

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    Have lots of lots of figures, if anyone is interested

    JUST UPDATED 11/20/13 - reduced prices, removed several sold listings.

    I'm looking to get rid of a number of collections, due to some space and money issues. In a perfect world, I'd love to sell them off as collections, but I don't know how feasible that is, and I'm not crazy about individual sales on ebay due to seller fees and all that.
    So I figured I'd ask here.

    Ideally, I'd like to move these as quickly as possible. Please PM me for specific information. Positive trade history/feedback a plus. I do take Paypal. I will ship domestic or international, with the understanding in place that BUYER PAYS ALL SHIPPING COSTS. Also, per forum regulations, tracking/delivery confirmation is MANDATORY!

    If there is interest in something from more than one person, I will treat queries first-come, first-served, assuming the asking price is met. I will try to ship items out twice a week.

    Items should be considered loose and in displayed/played with condition as a rule; MOC items are listed as such. Accessory status is listed as I know it - ask me questions.

    Oh, and some of these sets are only being sold as lots - if there's only a lot price listed, I'm only selling that chunk en masse.

    If you have questions, please let me know and I'll respond as soon as I can. These things are taking up a lot of room, which I need to clear out. (My father sold the family home so a lot of stuff simply doesn't have a place anymore.)

    Thank you for your interest! (List of items for sale follows


    SUPERHERO SQUAD: $300 For Lot
    $30 EACH: Galactus, Apocalypse, Fin Fang Foom, Sentinel
    $20 EACH: Frost Giant, Professor X, Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde), Storm, Black Panther, Mary Jane Watson, Wrecker, Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, Wasp, Mystique, Mysterio, Hobgoblin w/glider, Enchantress, Hercules, Mr. Sinister, Annihilus, Nick Fury, Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Spider, Shang-Chi
    $10 each (will discount at 25+ figures):
    Super-Skrull; Loki; Crimson Dynamo (silver trim); Red Skull; Mandarin; Tiger Shark; Mole Man; Abomination; Ultron; Thanos; Kang; Dr. Doom; Hydra Soldier; M.O.D.O.K.; Leader; Skrull Warrior; Rulk; Detroit Steel; Frost Warrior; Iron-Monger; Ronan the Accuser; Taskmaster; Zzaxx; Volcana; Ares; Destroyer; Titanium Man; Dreadknight; Crossbones: Absorbing Man; Hawkeye; Hulk (angry, arms flexed down); Invisible Woman; Spider-Woman; Scarlet Witch; Vision; Falcon (w/Redwing on arm); Mr. Fantastic (big stretched hands); Silver Surfer; She-Hulk; Thor (classic, thinner); Human Torch (flame on, translucent); Thing (arms out, blue pants); Iron Man (shiny, blue eyes, hovering); Captain America (grin, shield on left arm); Sub-Mariner; Blade; Moon Knight; Arachne; Doc Samson; Black Bolt; Deathlok; War Machine (right hand open); Captain Marvel; Nova; Tigra; Rescue; Sentry; Odin; Sif; Dr. Strange; Black Widow; Iron Fist; Ghost Rider; Reptil; Skaar; Beast; Nightcrawler; Psylocke; Angel; Wolverine (Astonishing? Claws out); Bishop; X-23: Emma Frost; Polaris; Havok; Jean Grey; Iceman (w/snowball); Deadpool; Cable; Colossus; Cyclops (classic); Gambit (charged staff); Marvel Girl (Rachel); Magneto; Juggernaut; Silver Samurai; Dark Beast; Blob; Avalanche; Stryfe; Spiral; Pyro; Sabretooth; Punisher; Mayor of Superhero City; Electro; Hand Ninja; Bullseye; Carnage; Rhino; Green Goblin (unique sculpt); Sandman (movie?); Daredevil; Black Cat; Spider-Man (about to web w/2 hands); Puma; Lizard; Venom; Scorpion; Shocker; Tombstone; Elektra; Dr. Octopus; Vulture; Dr. Doom (in bathrobe); Spidey (Black); Iron Man (pointy mask); Cyclops ('90s); Iron Man (Hulkbuster); Hulk (grey, grinning); Punisher (trenchcoat); Logan (w/motorcycle); Hulk (Planet); Spider-Man (Ben Reilly x2); Wolverine (brown); Iron Man (Stealth Armor); Dr. Doom (w/sword); Spidey (Iron Spidey); Punisher (masked); Iron-Monger (movie); Venom (movie); Spider-Man (movie); War Machine (pointing w/right hand); Thor (fancy armor w/beard); Iron Man (1st ap.); Iceman (phasing to clear blue); Iceman (w/snowball, yellow trunks); Green Goblin (movie); Dr. Octopus (movie); Spider-Man (leap on web base); Wolverine (Weapon X); Phoenix; Spider-Man (movie, unmasked); Rhino (ultimate); Wolverine (Japan); Thor (modern armor); Hulk (grin, ripped shirt); Spider-Man (movie, black); New Goblin (movie); Spider-Man (thick lines on suit); Johnny Storm (phasing orange); Iron Man (movie); Captain America (ultimate?); Wolverine (X-Men uniform); Iron Man (basic vanilla pose); Spider-Man (insulated); Spider-Man (webs under arms); Spider-Man (silver web armor); Iron Man (Arno Stark); Iron Man (removable helmet, shiny); Iron Man (removable helmet, matte.)

    HEROCLIX: $100 FOR ALL; $1 per
    Starter Dice
    MARVEL: Captain America, Controller, Hobgoblin, Hydra Operative, Juggernaut, Kang, Mr. Hyde, SHIELD Agent, Skrull Warrior, Vulture, Whirlwind, Wolfsbane
    DC: Aquaman (6), Arcane, Arsenal, Azrael, Bane (2), Batgirl-Barbara Gordon (3), Batman (3), Beast Boy, Black Adam, Black Canary, Black Lightning, Black Manta, Black Mask, Blue Beetle (4), Blue Devil, Booster Gold (3), Brainiac 13 (2), Brainiac 5 (5), Captain Atom, Captain Cold, Catgirl, Catwoman (5), Checkmate Agent (3), Checkmate Agent (3), Checkmate Medic (4), Cheetah (2), Cheshire, Circe (3), Clayface II, Clayface III, Commissioner Gordon, Cosmic Boy (4), Criminal (7), Cyborg (2), Darkseid, Deadshot (3), Deathstroke (2), Desaad, Doctor Fate, Doomsday, Dove (3), Dr. Mid-Nite, Easy Company Medic (6), Easy Company Soldier (6), Elongated Man, Enchantress, Etrigan, Fatality (5), Fire (Green Flame), Firestorm, Flash (8), Fury (3), Gorilla Grodd, Gotham Policeman (8), Gotham Undercover, Green Arrow (4), Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Green Lantern John Stewart, HALO Jump Batman, Harley Quinn (4), Hawkgirl (2), Hawkman (7), Hawkman (no base), HDC Trooper (3), Huntress (5), Ice, Intergang Agent, Intergang Medic (5), Jade (2), Jesse Quick, Jinx, Joker (4), Joker with hat, Key, Killer Croc, Killer Frost (4), Kobra Fanatic, Lackey (3), Lady Shiva, Lex Corps Security (5), Lexcorp Battlesuit (5), Live Wire (Lightning Lad) (3), Mad Hatter (4), Man-Bat, Manhunter (4), Martian Manhunter, Mary Marvel, Maxima (2), Metamorpho, Metropolis SCU (3), Nightwing, Obsidian, Parademon Scout (9), Parademon Warrior (2), Penguin (5), Persuader, Plastic Man (5), Poison Ivy (3), Power Girl, Queen Bee , Ra's al Ghul, Raven, Red Tornado, Riddler, Robin III (8), Rocket Red (2), Saturn Girl, Scarecrow (3), Science Police (2), Sgt. Rock (2), Shade, Sinestro, Solomon Grundy, Spoiler, Starfire (6), Stargirl (2), Starman (3), Steel (2), Superman (2, 1 w/no base), Swamp Thing (4), T.O. Morrow, Troia (6), Two-Face (4), Vixen, Weather Wizard, Wonder Woman, Zatanna (2)

    DC SUPERFRIENDS: $40 FOR SET; $10 each
    Superman (no acces.); Flash (w/2 pc base but paint got melty); Green Lantern (w/backpack with fist); Aquaman (w/base with trident); Cyborg (w/cannon, ball, card); Lex Luthor (w/2-pc vest, backpack with gun)

    Capture Net Superman (w/net, missile, launcher); Fortress of Solitude Superman (w/blaster and missile); Strong Arm Superman (w/wall); Darkseid (no acces.); Brainiac (4-pack, w/sled, launcher, missile); Metallo (4-pack, w/wall); Bizarro (4-pack w/tire, wreckage)

    DCUC C&C Parts: Skallox head; Mephyll head; Naut ke Loi head; Night Lik head/armor/hands; Low (head, hands); Maash (head, hands)

    Batman Beyond (blue, w/two wings with paint wear); Batman Beyond (black, w/two wings, two boot jets, disk, launcher); Blight (w/disk-launcher); Jokerz Leader (w/cycle); Punch & Happy (Jokerz, w/chain)

    TEEN TITANS: $100 FOR LOT; $5 per 3 Inch; $8 per 5 Inch
    5 INCH: Cyborg (talking, no acces); Master of Games (extra head, two extra arms, spider-pack); Slade (w/two fire fists, two fire-on-stick; two clubs; two gauntlets)
    3 INCH: Gizmo (w/boxing glove stand); Red X Robin (w/star); Robin in Slade Gear (no acces); Hot Spot (w/blast); Speedy (w/bow and arrow); Robin (1st issue? w/gun); Beast Boy (1st issue? w/gun); Raven (1st issue – no hood, w/gun); Slade (no acces.); Aqualad (w/blaster); Puppet King (no acces.); Cinderblock (w/gun); Master of Games (w/spider pack); Raven (white; no acces.); Robin (helmet; no acces.); Thunder (no acces.); Lightning (no acces.); Wildebeest (w/club); Beast Boy (small head, w/gun); Terra (Titan, no acces.)

    THE BATMAN: $150 for Lot
    Temblor (no acces.); Ventriloquist (w/Scarface); Clayface (no acces.); Killer Croc (no acces.); Man-Bat (no acces.); Martian Manhunter (no acces.); Flash (no acces.); Killer Moth (w/stand); Superman (no acces.); Bane (no acces.); Mr. Freeze (w/ice staff); Hawkman (w/mace); Riddler (w/question mark weapon); Catwoman (w/whip, idol, stand); Penguin (w/top hat, umbrella, mace); Firefly (w/helmet, pack); Robin (w/stand, weapon); Green Lantern (w/lantern); Batgirl (w/stand); Joker (w/playing cards); Joker (straightjacket, w/mallet); Gearhead (no acces.); Poison Ivy (w/stand); Batman (no acces.); Barbara Gordon (w/mask, cape, stand); Bruce Wayne (w/mask, one glove); Wonder Woman (CUSTOM, w/lasso, stand); Aquaman (CUSTOM, w/trident); Red Tornado (Brave and Bold, w/disk); various weaponry

    GREEN LANTERN (MOVIE): $100 for Lot
    Morro; Krona; Rot Lop Fan; Green Man; G'hu; Isamot Kol; Naut ke Loi; Galius Zed; Parallax (all parts, but mostly unassembled.)


    JLU: JAVELIN $30

    BATMAN: 100th FIGURE $10

    STAR WARS: $400 For Lot; $8 each ($6 each at 10 figures+)
    4-LOM (POTF); 8D8 (POTF); A'Sharad Hett (Dark Horse Comic); Aayla Secura (E2), Aayla Secura (Holo); Adi Gallia (E1); Admiral Motti (POTF); Admiral Ozzel (Saga); Agen Kolar (INCOMPLETE, no acces.); Anakin & Vader (INCOMPLETE – Evolutions - 2nd Anakin & various weapons mia); Anakin Skywalker – Battle Damage (ROTS); Anakin Skywalker (ROTS Deluxe); Anakin Skywalker – pilot (E1); Anakin Skywalker (E1); Anakin Skywalker – Padawan (E1 – INCOMPLETE, no comlink); Anakin Skywalker – podracer; Anakin Skywalker – duel (E2); Anakin Skywalker (E3, incomplete – Dooku saber mia); Anakin Skywalker – Mustafar (E3); Anakin Skywalker – Mos Espa Cinema Scene; Anakin Skywalker – E6; Anakin Skywalker – Outland Peasant (E2); Anakin Skywalker – running (E1 Cinema Scene); Anakin Skywalker – spirit (POTF Cinema Scene); Arvyl Crynyrd (POTF), Ask Aak (E3), ASP-7 Droid (POTF); Astromech R2-B1 (E1); Astromech R4-P17 (ROTS); Astromech R4-G9 (ROTS Sneak Preview); AT-ST Driver (POTF); Aurra Sing (POTJ); B'omarr Monk (exclusive); Bail Organa (E3); Barada (POTF); Baron Fel (Comic 2-pack); Baron Papanoida (Lucas Family Set); Barriss Offee (E2); Battle Droid – E3, Battle Droid – dirty (E1); Battle Droid – shot (E1); Battle Droid – sliced (E1); Bespin Guard Cloud City (POTJ); Boba Fett – Kamino (E2 – INCOMPLETE - 1 gun/blast effect mia); Boba Fett vs. IG-88 (Shadows - INCOMPLETE – no guns): Boss Nass (E1); Bultar Swan (Evolutions); C-3PO – desert worn (POTF); C-3PO – detachable limbs (POTF); C-3PO – droid sale (Cinema Scene); C-3PO (E2); C-3PO (E1); Captain Antilles (E3); Captain Needa (Legacy); Captain Tarpals (E1); Captain Typho (E2 – INCOMPLETE – no blast effect); Cat Miin (ROTS); Chancellor Palpatine (E2); Chancellor Palpatine (E3); Chancellor Valorum (E1); Chewbacca (POTC '95); Chewbacca (POTC '98); Chewbacca – Hoth (POTF INCOMPLETE – no crossbow); Chewbacca (Stormtrooper 3-pk Cinema Scene); Chewbacca – Djeraik (POTJ); Chi Eekway (Lucas Family); Clone Pilot (ROTS); Clonetrooper – super-articulated (E3); Commander Bacara (E3); Commander Bly (ROTS – INCOMPLETE – wrong rifle); Count Dooku (Saga Screen Scene); Dark Woman (Comic 2-pack); Darth Maul (E1 Cinema Scene); Darth Maul – dead (E1); Darth Maul (skiff); Darth Maul – Tatooine (E1); Darth Maul – holo (E1); Darth Vader (POTF '95)), Darth Vader (POTF Cinema Scene); Darth Vader (E3 Deluxe); Darth Vader (E3), Darth Vader (POTF '98); Darth Vader – interrogation droid (POTF 2000); Death Star Trooper (POTF); Dengar (POTF); Deppa Billaba (Screen Scene); Destroyer Droid (E3); Dexter Jettster (Saga); Djas Phur (Saga); Dorovio Bold (Evolutions); Dr. Evazan (Cinema Scene); Dud Bolt & Mars Guo; Durge (Legacy 2-pack); Duros aka Ellors Madak (POTJ); Eeth Koth (Screen Scene); Emperor Palpatine (POTF '97); Emperor Palpatine (Saga 043); Emperor Palpatine (ROTS – Deluxe); Emperor Palpatine (ROTS TRU Exclusive INCOMPLETE – force blasts mia); Emperor Palpatine – seated (Cinema Scene); Endor Rebel Soldier (POTF); Endor Trooper w/goatee (Saga); EV-9D9 (POTF); Even Piell (Screen Scene); Fode/Beed (POTJ); Foul Moudama (Saga); FX-7 (POTJ); Galactic Marine (30th); Garindan (POTF '97 INCOMPLETE – blaster MIA); Gasgano (E1); General Grievous (ROTS); General Grievous (ROTS Deluxe – INCOMPLETE – two sabers MIA); General Madine (Saga); General Rieekan (Saga Ultra – INCOMPLETE – no screen/table); General Veers (Battle Pack); Geonosian Massiff (E2); Geonosian Warrior (Saga); Gragra (SAGA 052); Graxol Kelvyn (Cinema Scene); Greeata (Cinema Scene); Gungan Warrior (POTJ); Hammerhead (POTF); Han Solo (POTF '95); Han Solo – Bespin (POTF '97); Han Solo – Carbonite (POTF '96); Han Solo – Carbonite (Jabba's Palace Diorama); Han Solo – Endor (POTF '97); Han Solo – Hoth (POTF '95); Han Solo – Stormtrooper (Cinema Scene); Hobbie Kilvian (77-07); Hoth Rebel Soldier (POTF); Imperial Astromech R2-Q5 (POTJ); Imperial Dignitary Janus Greejatus (Saga); Imperial Dignitary Kren Blista-Vanee (Saga); Ishi Tib (POTF); Jabba the Hutt (POTF Creature Set); Jan Dodonna (Saga INCOMPLETE, no medals); Jango Fett (Saga); Jango Fett – Geonosis (Saga); Jar Jar Binks – Mos Espa (Cinema Scene); Jar Jar Binks – senator (E2); Jawas (POTF); Jedi Younglings – three (E2); K-3PO (POTJ); Kabe (internet exclusive); Ketwol (POTJ); Ki-Adi-Mundi (E1); Ki-Adi-Mundi (E2 Saga INCOMPLETE – lightsaber blade broken, peg in hilt); Kit Fisto (CW05-2009); Kit Fisto (E2); Kit Fisto (E3); Kit Fisto – shirtless (Clone Wars 2003); Klaatu (Cinema Scene); Labria (Cinema Scene); Lama Su (E2); Lando Calrissian (POTF); Lando Calrissian – general (POTF); Lando Calrissian – skiff guard (POTF); Leektar & Nippet; Leia (POTF '95); Leia – Bespin (Leia Collection); Leia – celebration (POTF '98); Leia – general (POTJ); Leia – Ewok (POTF); Leia – Hoth (POTF); Leia – Jabba's Prisoner (POTF); Leia – speeder (POTF Speeder Bike); Leia as Boussh (Shadows); Lobot (POTF INCOMPLETE gun MIA); Lott Dodd (Saga); Lucas Family Terr Taneel; Luke Skywalker – Bespin (POTF); Luke Skywalker – Bespin (Saga); Luke Skywalker – Celebration (POTF); Luke Skywalker – Dagobah (POTF); Luke Skywalker – droid sale (Cinema Scene); Luke Skywalker – duel (Cinema Scene); Luke Skwyalker – X-wing (POTF); Luke Skywalker – Jedi (Evolutions); Luke Skywalker – Falcon (POTF); Luke Skywalker – Hoth (POTF); Luke Skywalker – Jedi (POTF); Luke Skywalker – speeder (POTF Speeder Bike); Luke Skywalker – Stormtrooper (Cinema Scene); Luke Skywalker – Stormtrooper (POTF); Luke Skywalker – Tatooine (POTF '99); Luke Skywalker – Tattoine (POTF '95); Lushros Dofine (Saga); Lyn Me (Cinema Scene); Mace Windu (Clone Wars); Mace Windu (E1); Mace Windu (E2 INCOMPLETE – lightsaber MIA); Mace Windu – Geonosian Rescue (E2); Magna Guard – grey (E3); Magna Guard – white (E3); Malikili (POTF); Mas Amedda (E3); Mas Amedda (E1); Meena Tillis (E3); Moff Jerjerrod (Saga); Mon Calamari Officer (POTJ); Mon Mothma (E3); Muftak (Internet Exclusive); Naboo Royal Guard (E1); Naboo Security Guard (E1); Naboo Soldier (Saga); Nabrun Leids (POTF); Neimoidian Commander (E3); Neimoidian Warrior (E3); Nexu (Saga Deluxe); Nien Nunb (POTF); Nikto (POTF Cinema Scene); Nikto Jedi (E2); Nute Gunray (E2 Cinema Scene); Obi-Wan Kenobi – cantina (Cinema Scene); Obi-Wan Kenobi (Saga Screen Scene); Obi-Wan Kenobi (E1 INCOMPLETE NO SABER), Obi-Wan Kenobi – cloaked (E1); Obi-Wan Kenobi – cloth skirt (E1); Obi-Wan Kenobi – Starfighter (E2 INCOMPLETE, no binoculars); Obi-Wan Kenobi (E2); Obi-Wan Kenobi (E3 basic); Obi-Wan Kenobi (E3 kicking pole); Obi-Wan Kenobi (E3 Deluxe); Obi-Wan Kenobi (POTF '95); Obi-Wan Kenobi – duel (E1 Duel 2-pack); Obi-Wan Kenobi – spirit (Cinema Scene); Ody Mandrell (E1); Oola (POTF – INCOMPLETE No Crumb); OOM-9 (E1); Oppo Rancissis (Screen Scene); Orinmaarko AKA Prune Face (POTF); Orn Free Taa (E2); Pablo-Jill (Trilogy); Padme Amidala – battle (E1 INCOMPLETE Small pistol mia); Padme Amidala – senate (E1); Padme Amidala – arena (E2); Padme Amidala (E3); Padme Naberrie (E1); Palpatine (E1); Palpatine – duel (E3); Passel Argente – brown (Screen Scene); Passel Argente – orange (E3); Plo Koon (Screen Scene); Plo Koon (POTJ E1); Plo Koon (E2); Plo Koon (holo E3); Po Nudo (77-07); Poggle the Lesser (Screen Scene); Polis Massan (ROTS INCOMPLETE scanner mia); Ponda Baba (POTF); Ponda Baba (Cinema Scene); Prince Xizor (Shadows); Probe Droid (POTF Deluxe); Probe Droid – dirtier (POTF Deluxe); Queen Amidala – Theed (POTJ); Qui-Gon Jinn (E1 INCOMPLETE, no lightsaber); Qui-Gon Jinn (E1); Qui-Gon Jinn – Jedi Master (Saga); Qui-Gon Jinn – poncho (POTJ); Qui-Gon Jinn – poncho (Cinema Scene); R2-D2 (POTF '98); R2-D2 (POTF '99); R2-D2 – Droid Attack (E3); R2-D2 (E1); R2-D2 – Episode VI (POTF '98); R5-D4 (POTF '96); Rabe (Trilogy); Rebel Fleet Trooper (Saga INCOMPLETE, gun MIA); Rebel Fleet Trooper (POTF); Ree-Yees (POTF); Representative Been (Saga); Ric Olie (E1); Romba & Graak (77-07 INCOMPLETE one arrow mia); Roron Corobb (EU); Royal Blue – blue (E3); Royal Guard – Coruscant X2 (E2); Royal Guard – red (E3); Rune Haako (E1); Rystall (Cinema Scene); Sabe (POTJ); Saesee Tiin (POTJ); Saesee Tiin (E2); San Hill (Screen Scene); Sandtrooper (POTF); Scouttroper (POTF Speeder Bike); Sebulba (Cinema Scene); Security Battle Droid (POTJ); Senate Guard – Blue Royal Guard (E3); Senate Guard (E1 POTJ); Shu Mai (Screen Scene); Sio Bibble (E1 INCOMPLETE Pistol MIA); Sly Moore (Trilogy); Snowtrooper (POTF); Snowtrooper (INCOMPLETE, no acces – unsure of version); Snowtrooper – deluxe (POTF Deluxe); Sora Bulq (Saga); Stass Allie (E3 Deluxe); Stormtrooper (POTF '99); Super Battle Droid (Saga); Takeel (Cinema Scene); Talon Kaarde (Legacy 2-pack); Tarkin (E3); TC-14 (E1); Teemto Pagliaes (Saga); Ten Numb (Cinema Scene); Ten Numb (Evolutions); Tessek (POTJ); Tion Medon (E3 Sneak Preview); Tsui Choi (EU Order 66); Tuan We (E2); Tusken Female (E2); Tusken Raider (POTF); Tusken Raider (E1 POTJ); Twi'lek Girl Shakka (Cinema Scene); Tycho Celchu (77-07); Ugnaughts (POTF); Utapau Warrior x2 (E3); Vader's Medical Droid (E3); Vilmahr Grahrk (Comic 2-pack); Voolviff Monn (EU Clone Wars); Wampa vs. Hoth Luke (POTF); Wat Tambor (Saga); Watto (E1); Wedge Antilles (w/carrying case); Wedge Antilles – dress uniform (Comic 2-pack); Wes Janson (Evolutions); Wookie Commando (E3); Wookie Gunner – tan (E3); Wookie Warrior (E3 Sneak Preview); Wookie Warrior – tan (E3); Yaddle (Screen Scene); Yak-Face AKA Saelt-Marae (POTF); Yarael Poof (screen scene); Yarua (Trilogy); Yoda (E1); Yoda – arena (E2 – base MIA); Yoda – spinning attack (E3); Yoda (POTF – packed w/Dagobah Luke, INCOMPLETE no gimer stick); Yoda (E3); Yoda – spirit (Cinema Scene); Zam Wessell (E2); Zett Jukassa (E3); Zett Jukassa (Lucas Family Set); Zuckuss (POTF); Zutton (POTJ INCOMPLETE no drinking glass); Naboo Accesory Set; Underwater Accessory Set; Tatooine Accessory Set; Sith Accesory Set
    The following figures came with a bonus hologram figure: Sora Bulq, Foul Moudama, Rep Been, Naboo Soldier, Mars Guo & Dud Bolt, Gragra, Lushros Dofine, Bib Fortuna, Emperor Palpatine
    FORCE ANIMATED: Emperor Palpatine w/lightsaber, two force effects

    STAR WARS – TRANSFORMERS: $100 for Lot; $8 each

    Millenium Falcon (Han Solo/Chewbacca); X-Wing (Luke); Jedi Starfighter (Obi-Wan); TIE Fighter (Darth Vader); Imperial Shuttle (Emperor); Sith Infiltrator (Darth Maul); Wheel Bike (Grievous); Slave I (Boba Fett); Imperial AT-AT Walker (AT-AT Driver); Jedi Warp Shuttle (Saesee Tiin); Clone Tank (Cody); Clone Transport (Clonetrooper); Clone Gunner Ship (Clone Pilot)


    STAR WARS – GALACTIC HEROES: $300 for Lot; $10 each (will discount at 25+ figures)
    4-LOM; Admiral Ackbar; Agen Kolar, Anakin (E1 pilot); Anakin (E2 x2); Anakin (E3 x2); Asajj Ventress; Asohka Tano; AT-AT Driver; Aurra Sing; Barada; Barriss Offee; Battle Droid; Battle Droid (grey CW); Battle Droid (red); Battle Droid (regular); Bib Fortuna; Biggs Darklighter; Boba Fett (x2); Boba Fett (E2); Bossk; C-3PO (x2); C-3PO (E1); Cad Bane; Chewbacca (x2); Chewbacca (w/flail); Clonetrooper (E2 red fin); Clonetrooper (E2); Clonetrooper (E3 blue fin); Clonetrooper (E3 blue); Clonetrooper (E3 red); Clone Commander; Clone Pilot; Clone Scouttrooper; Clonetrooper (blue stripes, circle on chest); Clonetrooper (E2 aiming gun x2); Clonetrooper (E2 basic); Clonetrooper (Kashyyyk ?); Clonetrooper (silver face shield, green pads); Clonetrooper (w/fin and visor on helmet); Clonetrooper (yellow stripes); Commander Bacara; Commander Bly (yellow); Count Dooku; Count Dooku (helmet); Darth Maul (x2); Darth Sidious (x2); Darth Vader (x3); Death Star Gunner; Death Star Trooper; Dengar; Destroyer Droid; Droopy McCool; Durge; Duros; Emperor Palpatine; Endor Rebel Soldier; Figrin D'An; Gamorrean Guard (x2); Garindan; General Grievous; General Veers; Geonosian Warrior; Geonosian Warrior (silvery); Gonk Droid; Grand Moff Tarkin; Greedo; Han – Bespin; Han – Endor; Hen – Hoth; Han – Sarlaac; Han – Stormtrooper; Han – basic; Hoth Rebel Trooper; IG-88; Imperial Guard; Imperial Officer – black; Imperial Officer – grey; Jabba the Hutt (x2); Jango Fett; Jar Jar (x2); Jawa (w/black gun x2); Jawa (w/brown and grey gun); Jedi Astromech; Ki-Adi-Mundi; Kit Fisto; Klaatu; Lando – skiff (x2); Lando – basic; Leia – basic x2; Leia – Bespin; Leia – Boussh; Logray; Luke – Bespin; Luke – Endor; Luke – Hoth; Luke – Jedi x2; Luke – Jedi w/blaster; Luke – Stormtrooper; Luke – X-Wing; Luminara Unduli; Mace Windu (x2); Magnaguard; Mandalorian Warrior; Max Rebo; Momaw Nadon; Mouse Droid; Nien Nunb; Nikto; Obi-Wan – clone armor; Obi-Wan (E1 x2); Obi-Wan (E2); Obi-Wan (E3); Obi-Wan (E4); Obi-Wan – hooded (E4); Padme (x2); Palpatine (Holo); Plo Koon; Ponda Baba; Pre Viszla; Protocol Droid (x2); Qui-Gon Jinn; Quinlan Vos; R2-D2; R2-D2 – thrusters; R4 Droid; Rebel Fleet Trooper; Reek; Saesee Tiin; Sandtrooper; Scouttrooper; Senate Guard (blue); Sgt. Bric; Shaak Ti; Snaggletooth; Snowtrooper; Spider Droid; Stormtrooper (x3); Super Battle Droid; Super Battle Droid (2-prong gun); Super Battle Droid (arm cannon); Super Battle Droid (white stripes, CW); Tarfful; Taun-Taun; TIE Fighter Pilot; Tuan We; Tusken Raider; Uncle Owen; Utapau Clonetrooper (orange); Wampa; Wedge Antilles; Weequay; Wikkit; X-Wing (with Luke and R2-D2); Yoda w/lightsaber and cane; Yoda w/two hands on cane; Zuckuss

    STAR WARS – BURGER KING 2005: $60 for Lot
    Boba Fett; Boka; C-3PO; Chewbacca (plastic); Chewbacca (plush); Clonetrooper; Darth Maul; Darth Vader (Anakin inside); Emperor Palpatine; General Grievous; Han Solo; Jabba the Hutt; Jar Jar Binks; Jawa; Jedi Starfighter; Luke (Bespin); Mace Windu; Millenium Falcon; Obi-Wan Kenobi (old); Obi-Wan Kenobi (prequel); Padme; Podracer; Queen Amidala; R2-D2; Speeder; Stormtrooper; Super Battle Droid; Tarfful; TIE Fighter; Wampa; Watto; Wikkit; X-Wing; Yoda

    STAR WARS – LEGO: $40 each
    These should each have their minifigs, but ask me – will need to confirm.
    Imperial Shuttle; Y-Wing; Jabba's Skiff; Snowspeeder; Slave I; Droid Escape Pod; A-Wing; Anakin's Podracer; AT-ST Walker; TIE Fighter; Naboo Speeder; X-Wing; Separatist Shuttle; Landspeeder; Speeder Bike x2; little Clone Walker

    Cobra Officer (complete w/file card, but broken O-ring) $20
    Mainframe – Brazil Mission (Backapck, computer, hose radio) $20
    Cross-Country (no acces.) $15
    Sgt. Slaughter – fatigue pants (no acces.) $15
    Action Sailor ('94) – hose, backpack, two flippers, sled, missile, launcher, NO flash $10

    G.I. JOE: 15th ANNIVERSARY: (no battle stands) $35 for Lot; $5 each
    Cobra Command Team (no CC gun)
    Arctic Mission Team (all disassembled, no accessories)
    Army Recon Mission (no handlebars, backpack, binoculars)
    Cobra Viper Team (no lid on bomb)
    Oktober Guard Team (complete)
    Cobra Polar Force (no Firefly)
    Cobra Infantry Team (complete)

    G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO COLLECTION ('99-2000) $125 for Lot; $3 each
    Big Ben; Big Brawler; Chameleon; Cobra Commander; Cobra Commander (armored); Crossifre; Cutter; Destro; Dial-Tone (faded mustache painted on); Double Blast; Duke; Dusty; Fast-Blast-Viper; Firefly; Flint; General Tomahawk; Gung-Ho; Heavy Duty; Lamprey; Laser-Viper (INCOMPLETE, no weapons); Law & Order; Leatherneck; Lifeline; Low-Light; Major Bludd; Pathfinder; Rock-Viper; Serpentor; Shadow-Viper (NO HOSES); Shipwreck; Shock-Viper; Sideswipe (NO FLARE GUN); Sidetrack/Ambush; Sidetrack (v.2) (GUN MIA); Snake-Eyes (GUN MIA); Storm-Shadow; Sub-Viper; Sure Fire; Thunderwing; Tomax & Xamot (1 ONE-RING BROKEN); Tripwire; Undertow; Wet-Down; Wet-Suit; White-Out; Wild Bill; Zartan

    G.I. JOE: SPYTROOPS/VALOR VS. VENOM/ETC: $300 For Lot; $5 each; $3 for 10+

    All should be complete except where listed; most if not all include file cards.
    2002: Beach Head, Big Ben, Blowtorch, Duke v8, Duke v9, Duke v10, Dusty, Flint, Frostbite, Gung-Ho, Hawk, Heavy Duty, Mirage, Nunchuk, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Snake-Eyes, Snake-Eyes v14, Stalker, Sure Fire, Wet-Suit, Wild Bill, Alley-Viper, B.A.T., Baroness, Claws v4, Claws Pilot, Cobra Commander, Cobra Commander v13, Cobra Moray, Cobra Moray (blue), Desert Claws, Destro, Dr. Mindbender, Firefly, Headman, Neo-Viper, Neo-Viper, Ripper, Slice, Storm-Shadow, Viper, Zartan
    2003: Agent Faces, Barrel Roll, Beach Head, Big Brawler (Tiger Force), Chief Torpedo, Depth Charge, Dial-Tone (Tiger Force), Flint, Grunt, Gung-Ho, Heavy Duty, Jinx (Tiger Force), Kamakura, Lady Jaye, Red Spot, Roadblock, Sgt. Hacker, Stalker (Tiger Force), Switch Gears, Tunnel Rat, Widescope, Wreckage (Tiger Force) – (NO RADIO), B.A.T. (NO GHILLE SUIT), Blackout, Burnout, Claws Commander, Cobra Commander, Destro, Heat-Viper (Python Patrol), Heavy Water, Iron Grenadier, Iron Grenadier (NO GHILLE SUIT), Lamprey (Python Patrol), Laser-Viper (Python Patrol), Major Bludd (Python Patrol), Night Creeper, Overkill, Overkill, Pit-Viper, Ripper, Rock-Viper (Python Patrol) (BROKEN O-RING), Sand-Viper, Saw-Viper (Python Patrol), Tele-Viper, Tomax & Xamot, Zarana, Zartan
    2004: Beach Head, Gung-Ho, Hard Drive, Hi-Tech, Jinx, Kamakura, Scarlett (NO ARROW), Sgt. Stalker, Snake-Eyes, Wild Bill, B.A.T., Baroness v5, Black Dragon Ninja (Ninja Strike), Coil Crusher, Destro, Night Creeper (MIA 1 ROBOT LEG), Overkill, Razorclaw, Red Ninja Viper 1 (Ninja Strike), Red Ninja Viper 2 (Ninja Strike); NO ARROW, Sand Scorpion, Slice, Storm-Shadow (Ninja Strike), Storm-Shadow, Swamp Rat, Viper (red), Vypra 1 (Ninja Strike), Vypra 2 (Ninja Strike), Zartan
    2005: Barrel Roll, Bombstrike, Duke v20, Footloose (NO BARREL), Frostbite, Gung-Ho, Major Barrage, Mutt, Salvo, Shipwreck, Spirit, Tunnel Rat, Baroness (Procession), Cobra Commander (Procession), Crimson Guard, Crimson Guard, Crimson Guard (CG Force) x8, Croc Master, Electric Eel, Firefly (CG Force) x2, Imperial Procession w/flag x4, Medi-Viper, Overkill, Range-Viper x2, Razorclaw, Saw-Viper x2, Slash, Slice, Snow Serpent x2, Snow Wolf, Swamp Rat, Tomax (CG Force), Torch, Viper, Xamot (CG Force)
    2006: Grand Slam, Low-Light, Med Alert, Ace, Cobra Trooper x2, Interrogator, Major Bludd, Monkeywrench
    OTHER, INCOMPLETE: Ace w/minijet, Airborne, Alpine, Bazooka, Big Brawler, Clutch w/ATV, Crosshairs, Dart, Duke, Duke, Dusty, Hawk, Leatherneck w/Mech, Link, Recondo, Recondo w/ATV, Shipwreck, Snake-Eyes, Claws (red), Coils, Dr. Mindbender, Firefly, Ghost Reader, Hannibal, Neo-Viper Commander, Scalpel, Scrap-Iron, Snow Serpent, Venomous Maximus, Vipers x3, Wild Weasel, Wild Weasel Lego
    Crimson Command Chopper, in beat-up box; Twins Separate.

    G.I. JOE: 25th ANNIVERSARY: $200 for Lot; $6 each
    All Figures complete except where listed, and all should include file cards
    2007: Serpentor (modern), Zartan (modern), Storm-Shadow (red 5-pack), Cobra Commander (5-pack), Beach Head (NO PISTOL), Cobra Trooper (5-pack), Cobra Air Trooper, Storm-Shadow ('99), Cobra Trooper (the Enemy)
    2008: Snake-Eyes, Snake-Eyes ('89), Grand Slam w/NIGHT SPECTRE, Steeler w/ARMADILLO – no railing on tank, Crankcase, B.A.T. (DVD set), Montezuma Skeleton, Torpedo (3-pack, NO TUBE), Deep Six (3-pack), Cutter (3-pack), Hawk (3-pack), Duke (3-pack, NO BINOCS), Grunt (3-pack), Hawk (2-pack), Scarlett (2-pack) NO PISTOL, Shipwreck (vest, NO HOOK), Destro (blue, NO 2nd PISTOL), Flash, Deep Six, Rock and Roll (2-pack), Mainframe/Dataframe, Wild Bill, Red Star, Duke (2-pack), Nemesis Enforcer, Breaker w/cycle and harness, no other acces., Cobra Commander (2-pack), Tripwire, , Serpentor w/Chariot, Viper (2-pack), Cobra Officer – scarred, VAMP
    2009: Chuckles, Outback, Ripcord/Altitude, Wet-Suit, Zap, Destro (Resolute), Tunnel Rat, Storm-Shadow (Resolute), B.A.T. (Battle Damage), Blowtorch
    2011: Steel Brigade

    TRANSFORMERS (VARIOUS): $100 for Lot; $10 each
    Starscream (Generation 2, large black jet)
    Weapons to G1 Swoop
    Mirage (G2) w/2-pc gun
    Hoist (G1 re-release – 2 missiles, 2 prongs, 2 fists, 1 wing – other wing MIA)
    Runabout (G1), no gun
    Flywheels (G1), gun and blaster
    Thundercracker (G1) – BEAT UP (w/2 wings, 2 fins, 2 missiles, peg hole broken)
    Bruticus (G2) – Onslaught gun peg broken, ramp, chestplate, missile & launcher MIA; Brawl and Blast-Off pistols MIA - Note: $10 per component; $25 for set.
    Sideswipe (Alternators)
    Hot Rod (G1) – w/gun, somewhat beat up
    Bumblebee/Cliffjumper/Brawn/Windcharger keychains

    TRANSFORMERS: RID: (most have instructions) $150 For Lot; $8 for Deluxe; $10 for Voyager; $20 for Larger
    Prowl (w/two launchers and missiles); X-Brawn (w/two blades); Hightower (w/crane); Heavyload (w/claw); Wedge (w/gun); Grimlock (w/claw); Megatron (w/two gauntlets and blades); Sideburn (w/gun, missile); Bruticus (w/flail); Towline vs. Skyfire (w/two guns, one barrel); Skid-Z vs. Windsheer (w/gun, barrel); Slapper (w/flail); Gas Skunk (n/a); Darkscream (w/sowrd); Movor & Rotor (w/two guns, 4 vehicle guns); Armorhide & Rollbar (w/4 guns); Mega-Octane (w/gun, two feet, two hands, helmet and two chestplates); Sky-Byte (w/cannon and two missiles); Scourge – Japanese release (w/sword, trailer, disk, box); Obsidian (n/a); Ultra Magnus; Sideways vs. Axer; Optimus Prime (w/4 missiles, gun, seven armor pieces)

    TRANSFORMERS: RID MINIS: $40 For Lot; $4 each

    Optimus Prime (n/a); Ultra Magnus (n/a); X-Brawn vs. Scourge (n/a); Devastator (6 parts); Wars vs. Crosswise (2 guns); Sideburn vs. Daytonus (2 guns); Hot-Shot & REV (2 guns); Ironhide & Mirage (2 guns); Prowl 2 & Sideswipe (2 guns)

    TRANSFORMERS: ARMADA: $60 for Lot; $7 each
    Mini-Con 3-pack (Bonecrusher/Knock-Out/Wreckage); Mini-Con 3-pack (Grindor/Highwire/Sureshock); Mini-Con 3-pack (Runaway/Jetstorm/Sonar); Hot Shot (w/gun, Jolt Minicon); Laserbeak (no acces.); Demolishor (w/Blackout Minicon); Cyclonus (w/Crumplezone Minicon); Red Alert (w/Minicon); Starscream (w/Minicon)
    Arcee (Energon, w/chest thingy, missile, 4-pc. cannon)

    Soundwave (Titanium, w/stand and Laserbeak) $20

    TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS (mostly 10th anniversary): $125 for Lot
    Waspinator (w/instructions); Megatron; Optimus Primal (w/instructions); Tarantulus (w/instructions); Rhinox (w/instructions); Cheetor (w/instructions); Transmetal Rattrap (w/instructions); Dinobot; Trans-Mutate; Sonar (originial BW); B'Boom (original)


    Optimus Primal; Cheetor; Rhinox; Rattrap; Silverbolt; Megatron (basic); Megatron (w/disc); Tarantulus; Waspinator; Blackarachnia

    TRANSFORMERS: MOVIE FIGURES: (all should have instructions) SOLD

    TRANSFORMERS: HEROES OF CYBERTRON: $100 for Lot; $6 each
    Larger: Optimus Prime (w/two extra hands, axe, Matrix); Megatron (w/two extra hands, flail, Laserbeak)
    Arcee; Bumblebee w/Spike; Cyclonus; Devastator; Dirge; Fortress Maximus; Galvatron; Gigatron(?); Grimlock; Hot Rod; Ironhide (x2); Jazz; Megatron (w/mace hand); Megatron; Megatron w/Laserbeak on arm; Metroplex; Omega Supreme; Optimus Prime; Optimus Prime (w/axe hand); Optimus Prime (w/radio); Paradoc Medic (missing an arm); Perceptor (x2); Powermaster Prime; Ratchet; Skywarp; Soundwave; Starscream; Starscream (coronation; Thundercracker; Ultra Magnus; Wheeljack (x2)

    TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (2003): $130 for Lot; $10 each

    Donatello (w/staff, two discs, axe, sword); Leonardo (w/two sword, two discs, two cups); Raphael (w/2 sais, 2 discs, winch); Michelangelo (w/nunchuks, two discs, winch hook); Splinter (w/cane, sheath, quiver, bow, ooze); April O'Neil (pipe, laptop, 2 Mousers); Casey Jones (w/mask, 2 pads, bag, golf club, bat, hockey stick); Shredder (w/two swords); Foot Soldier (w/two swords, two stars, bow and arrow); Leatherhead (w/trail and chain mace); Foot Elite Guard (w/hat, pike, spear, 2-blade sword); Turtlebot (w/staff, two clubs); Foot Fire Soldier (w/staff, two fire FX); Mouser (w/rack, two missiles)

    LORD OF THE RINGS: $125 for Lot; $5 each ($10 for Arwen)
    Frodo Baggins (w/cloak, dagger); Strider (w/cloak, torch, sword BROKEN HILT); Ringwraith (w/sword, dagger, two scabbards); Legolas (w/4 arrows, two daggers, bow); Gandalf the Grey (w/hat, cloak, staff, pouch, sword); Orc Overseer (w/whip); Samwise Gamgee (w/cloak, pouch, ladle, pan, sword); Saruman (w/staff, palantir); Elrond – armored (w/cloak, sword); Orc Warrior (w/axe, quiver, bow, 3 arrows); Bilbo Baggins (w/staff, book, mithril shirt, Sting, pot, peg on backpack is broken); Gimli (w/three axes, one axe MIA); Arwen (w/Asfaloth horse and cloaked Frodo); Lurtz (w/bow and four arrows); Boromir – three pack (w/shield, sword, horn; wrong sheath); Merry – three pack (w/cloak, sword); Pippin – three pack (w/cloak, pouch, sword); Moria Orc (w/helmet, shield, sword); Faramir (w/bow, five arrows, sword); Eomer – basic (w/helmet, sword, scabbard); Wormtongue (w/dagger, knife, handkerchief, vial); Theoden (w/cloak, sword); Galadriel (w/ewer); Gollum (n/a); Eomer – king (w/cloak, sword, scabbard); Eowyn (w/sword); Aragorn – Pelennor (w/cloak, sword, dagger); King of the Dead (w/helmet, cloak, sword); Denethor (w/baton, cloak, sword, cloven horn); Peter Jackson Hobbit (n/a); Elrond – robes (n/a); Gothmog (w/sword, spear); Witchking (w/sword, mace); Boromir – super posable (w/sword, shield, horn)

    **** TRACY: (MOC): $30 for Lot
    **** Tracy; Steve the Tramp; Pruneface; Flattop; Itchy

    MORTAL KOMBAT: $65 for Lot; $4 each ($9 for Goro); $11 for 8-inch
    8-INCH: Sonya Blade; Liu Kang; Scorpion; Sub-Zero
    5-INCH: (late '00s): Goro w/stand; Kung Lao w/sword; Johnny Cage; Smoke; Scorpion w/sword; Raiden; Liu Kang w/knife; Kano w/two knives; Noob Saibot; Baraka w/two blades; Reptile w/extra head, tongue; Sub-Zero; Modern Scorpion; Modern armored Sub-Zero w/sword. Miscellaneous weapons and hands.

    INDIANA JONES: (All complete except where listed; all crates/artifacts included): $50 for Lot; $3 each
    WAVE 1 (ROTLA): Indiana Jones (in jacket); Indiana Jones; Sallah, Belloq; Cairo Swordsman; Monkey Man; German Soldier
    WAVE 1 (DELUXE): Indiana Jones (disguise); Marion Ravenwood; Cairo Henchman; Two German Soldiers; German Soldier w/motorcycle
    WAVE 2 (KOTCS): Indiana Jones w/Skull (GUN MIA, NO EXTRA HAND); Indiana Jones w/RPG; Mutt (jacket); Mutt (shirt); Irina Spalko (GUN MIA); Col. Dovchenko; Russian Soldier; Ugha Warrior; Cemetery Warrior
    WAVE 4 (ToD): Short Round; Willie Scott; Mola Ram; Temple Overseer; Temple Guard

    MUPPETS: $60 for Lot
    Steppin' Out Fozzie (w/Chuckie, mic on stand, mic (loose), book, hat, stand); Patrol Bear Fozzie (w/hat, four pouches, walkie-talkie, nightstick, flashlight, cuffs); Miss Piggy (hair up, w/table with mirror and drawer, stand); Gonzo (Stuntman, w/cape, cannon w/two brakes, stand); Steppin' Out Rowlf (w/piano w/legs, bust of Beethoven)

    HARRY POTTER (NECA): (most figures complete; have been glued to their bases) $130 For Lot; $12 each
    Death Eater (pointed hat #1); Dementor; Fenrir Greyback; Death Eater (OOTP green mask); Lucius Malfoy; Gilderoy Lockhart (Mattel); Bellatrix Lestrange; Death Eater (pointed hat #2); Voldemort; Sirius Black (had been glued, peg broken off in foot); Harry Potter (OOTP); Draco Malfoy; Ginny Weasley (figure leans dramatically); Mad-Eye Moody; Ron Weasley; Severus Snape; Hermione Granger; Albus Dumbledore (Harris); Rubeus Hagrid; Training Dummy (arm broken)

    JLU (MOC): $5 each; $20 for Lot
    Blue Devil (purple card); Batman (purple card); Lex Luthor (purple card); Shining Knight (purple card); Aztek (gold card, bent)

    DC (MOC):
    Martian Manhunter (DCD Justice, clear) $10
    Gearhead (The Batman) $8
    Razor Skate Robin (Batman and Robin) $8
    Batcave (Mattel Animated) $40


    G.I. JOE (MOC):
    Sci-Fi (1986); ($50) Sci-Fi (1991); ($22) Sci-Fi (International Heroes Star Brigade – Funskool?) ($12); Low-Light (Slaughter's Marauders '89, card ripped) ($15); Duke (Battle Corps 1992) ($15); Cobra Commander (black, Battle Corps 1993) ($15); Roadblock (Star Brigade 1994) ($15)

    MARVEL (MOC): $13 each
    Archangel (Toy Biz Animated); Bullseye (Marvel Legends)

    MORTAL KOMBAT TRILOGY 5” (MOC): $20 for Lot
    Cyrax; Jax; Johnny Cage

    LORD OF THE RINGS (MOC): $20 for Lot
    Hama; Minas Tirith Citadel Guard

    Jazz (Japanese Rerelease, #1) ($25); Smokescreen (TRU Reissue) ($25); Protoform Starscream (Movie); ($8); Grimlock vs. Shockwave (Robot Heroes) ($15)

    MOTU (MOC):
    Optikk (Original NA) ($15); Orko and Prince Adam (MOTUC, non-SDCC, x2) SOLD

    STAR WARS (MOC): $35 for Lot of figures; $8 each figure
    Foul Moudama, Darth Vader (McQuarrie); Dud Bolt & Mars Guo; Commander Gree (Episode III); Chewbacca (McQuarrie); Darth Vader (77-07 #001)
    Lego Snowspeeder (original) ($50)
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