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Thread: Answers to WTFWTK 2.156!

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    Answers to WTFWTK 2.156!

    Mattel has once again provided answers to your questions.
    Thanks again to them for taking the time to answer these!
    Check out their answers to your Round 156 questions!

    This round of questions were selected by Shecky.
    Thanks to that fan for their help!

    1. Swifty: When the new Filmation Line (Classics 2.0) was announced at SDCC, we were shown some very cool packaging concepts based off the He-Man cartoon. Will the She-Ra characters in this line come in the same packaging or will they have graphics and the logo from She-Ra: Princess of Power?

    That is a very great question, and since we haven't got to any She-Ra characters yet that hasn't been decided. It would definitely be a nice touch to have some things that are different between the two shows, so maybe 2017 will have those incorporated.

    2. Niki: Who will write the new bios for the 2016 Collectors Choice characters, or will those figures come without bios on the back of their blister cards?

    Currently we are still working on getting that finalized.

    3. RocketPunch: WWE Create-A-Superstar action figures are really cool because they allow fans to mix & match body parts & accessories to create their own wrestlers. Could we get a similar "Create-A-Master" set for MOTUC?

    Yes Modulok and Multibot! Ha! Actually, we're not sure we would do anything like that in the current Matty line. But that may be something we could definitely do if we had a mass MOTU line. For that it would be perfect!

    4. blackiecats: Could we possibly get SDCC exclusives for both the Collector's Choice and Classics 2.0 lines next year, or will there just be one single MOTU exclusive?

    All we can say is SDCC may offer something very different than what you are expecting.

    5. Shecky: In a prior Q&A, it was implied that Mattel was looking into ways to offer the Horde Troopers once again in perhaps a different method from their original release. Are there any new developments regarding this?

    YES!!!!!!! We will be offering the Horde Troopers as a single figure release.


    Click here to ask questions in Round 158!
    Click here for a master list of all previous Q&A sessions.
    And, have fun discussing Mattel's answers to your Round 156 questions!
    Hope to see you at Power-Con 2018!
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    Wow! A straight out answer that the Horde Troopers are being re-released. Awesome! I wonder if they'll come with some alternate heads as an incentive (e.g. Filmation Hordak, Eternian Invasion Helmet, etc).

    I'm not sure about the "very different" SDCC exclusive. So, "different" that it isn't even a MOTU action figure? Or just a very different "figure" like a beast or vehicle?

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    Yay for the Horde Troopers

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    Here's hoping that the single Horde Trooper comes with as many accessories as from the 2-pack and that they don't under produce them. I think I will want to buy at least half a dozen of them.
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    I hope the Comic Con figure is something awesome, a vehicle like the Collector, or large diorama like the whispering woods set, palace throne room or a large beast. The minimum a Horde Trooper with a Horde Sky Cycle, Horde Jet machine or Glonder.

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    I wish Matty would let me (us) customers preorder as many Horde Troopers as we wanted (or max 10 per order?), as Icd rather pay my money my $$$ ahead of time & KNOW I wonct be super upset if they sell out in minutes b4 I could grab at least 5. (1 mib & x4 to open for my nephew as he LOVES them!)

    I hope it is a straight release of the MOTUC Horde Trooper with NO battle damage, & hope it comes with the Filmation baton, Vintage red staff, Horde shield & MOTUC crossbow. Although a classicized Etherian Invasion Filmation Hordak head would be a GREAT way for Matty to right that wrong!
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    NICE!!!! Finally more Horde Troopers!!!!
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    interesting round of q's and a's

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    More Horde Troopers....great idea!

    That SDCC answer is interesting. Not sure if that means were getting some non-MOTU or not?

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    The Horde Trooper question is a big win, I wonder how/when/if they're going to reveal the details? Toy Fair maybe?

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    Nice to see these Q&A threads going again but the answer to #2 seems odd given we now know there are no bios for the CC line and makes me question if the person answering the round just didn't know the answer and didn't know that the cardback on the first figure had already been revealed NOT to have a bio and thus just answered with a TBD answer.

    For #5 I wonder if it will be the same figure just repackaged or will this be a variant or Filmation version for the HMATMOTU line. If it's identical I'm happy for everyone who want more Horde Troopers but since I already have 8 loose in my collection I'm thinking all I'd probably be getting is just one of these to keep carded (presuming it's on a Classics card).

    The most intriguing to me is #4. I go to SDCC every year and honestly Mattel has been needing to do something a bit more attention getting for their MOTU exclusive. While a lot of the convention will be buzzing with talk of the Hasbro Exclusives or Funko, or Monster High it seems like it's been awhile since there was a Classics exclusive that actually got non Classics collectors excited. I just hope whatever it is really delivers--but I'm intrigued.

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    I wonder if I can put two and two together, they said they had plans for both Horde Troopers and Snake Men, I wonder since we got that answer. A single carded trooper, maybe a single carded Snakemen is also in the works! Just a hypothesis mnothing more but that would be awesome.
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    I'm intrigued by the SDCC answer. I hope it's something awesome!

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    Answers to WTFWTK 2.156!

    So glad about the Horde Trooper announcement (been waiting for that since the teaser a while back referenced in the question -thanks for asking the question, Shecky!).
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    I'm hoping it will be filmation Hordak with a bunch of Hordak transformations

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    Great news about the Horde troopers! I'm intrigued by the SDCC comment as well.....can't wait!

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    The bios answer is very confusing...the SDCC exclusive hint sounds interesting...the Horde Troopers news is awesome!!!
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    Interesting batch of answers.

    Still I don't get the answer about the bios. Was it a last minute decision not to include them anymore?

    The SDCC answer is puzzling. I only hope it won't be something along the lines of Vykron.

    The Horde Trooper answer is pretty cool. A single figure release with add-on parts to create variant Troopers would be cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KingRandorFacepalm View Post
    So glad about the Horde Trooper announcement (been waiting for that since the teaser a while back referenced in the question -thanks for asking the question, Shecky!).
    Glad to see these will be offered again !!

    Regarding the confusion with the bios, hopefully this will be clarified soon as my question pertaining to any possibility of future bios for future figures was chosen in the last batch of questions.

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    Horde Troopers as single figures?! Hot dog! As long as this isn't the unexpected SDCC exclusive, all is well!!!
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    Maybe they're considering adding bios to some of the remaining figures this year? Who knows. I am excited for the SDCC exclusive, and hoping it has absolutely zero to do with the King Hssss torso!

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    Nice to hear Horde Troopers are on their way back.

    I'm hoping the SDCC Exclusive(s) are a 3 pack or something
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    Glad to hear about the Horde Trooper answer. Soon, very soon more fans will be able to join me in the 100 Trooper army stakes! ��
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    Question/ Answer number 4 actually is the HOT TOPIC for me;
    hopefully the minis masters shown this past summer will
    at last make their way through.
    But the greatest surprise for me would be Mantisaur
    coming with "x" horde member, a first of the preternian dinos or an extra vehicle
    in addition to the one scheduled for this end year period;
    i don't know something cool like Road Ripper. It is said that a much
    bigger budget is allocated to Matty by then, so...

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    Is the answer to #4 the highly anticipated NA 12 pack?
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