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Thread: Roton Arrival

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    Roton Arrival

    I searched & couldn't find an arrival thread. post your pics!

    PoP Figures have to be based on the Vintage toys! This is NOT Filmation's Masters Of The Universe Classics MySpace Custom Blog

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    AWESOME Doom Troopers Bro!!!!

    ....But I must ask this Laser Force Zodac ....

    *HOW MANY Floggs, Flipshots, Blades, Goat Mans, & Battle Armor Skeletors figures did you have to spare? LOL! once again, your custom figures, especially the army builders, are absolutely AMAZING! I LOVE How they look! I want to customize to create a few extra charaacters, BUT, because I want them for actual PLAY with the kids in the fam (as opposed to The New Kids on the Block!), ...So I must create some custom figures that are MOstly all swap, & minimal paint chanages, if any. I have a few that I want to tackle as soon as my move finally takes place, although, I really have nowhere to store them at my new apartment. (WAY Nicer neighborhood/appliances/renovations/everything ...except any kind of storage for my Toys
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    Mine landed yesterday. I'm impressed with Roton. It's big but still in scale with the figures, and that's nice after the ludicrously oversized Talon Fighter. A lot of thought and care clearly went into Roton's styling.

    As for the Skelcon - well, he's okay. Wonky jaw and ill-fitting armour. I'm now quite glad he was packed with Roton because I wouldn't use him as an army builder. Especially with all of those Mythic Legions skeletons roaming wild.
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