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Thread: WTFWTK 2.158 - Ask your questions here!

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    WTFWTK 2.158 - Ask your questions here!

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    This past round of questions were selected by Kesmai.
    Thanks to that fan for their help!!!

    1. DrumMaster: Mattel hinted at the possibility of a new weapons pack or new vehicle. Will there be some news about that soon?

    2. Shecky: Given that there are no more mini-comics in the foreseeable future and that the bios helped expand the mythos, would you reconsider having bios on future Collector's Choice figures?

    3. bribri4u: The poll done on He-Man.Org had many high ranking variants. Will Collector's Choice continue to focus on unique characters, or will variants be included in future assortments in monthly slots or possibly as quarterly releases?

    4. abaddon: With Lord Masque, you've released new weapon sculpts that give us the weapons for NA Thunder Punch He-Man. Will you keep this idea of new weapons in mind for future weapons packs?

    5. Kesmai: With February's 2016's issue #15, DC Comics' MOTU Eternity War max-series event is concluding. So far has been a really good comic, and the creative team has done a great job. What are the plans for the DC's Masters of the Universe comic book series beyond this event?
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    The end of 2015 saw all of the vintage He-Man, Skeletor and Hordak variants released in MOTUC. Is Mattel committed to also releasing all of the vintage She-Ra and Catra variants in the near future? If so, would Mattel consider releasing a single "deluxe" She-Ra vs. Catra two-pack which came with various interchangeable parts and accessories to make close approximations of the missing variants instead of releasing each variant of She-Ra and Catra as an individual figure?

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    Since we already have Shokoti and now Lord Masque in January, what are the chances we can get Melaktha the Royal Archeologist for the kingdom of Eternia coming with some cool Eternian artifacts like Lord Masques split in two mask, the Mirror Of Avathar or Wolf statue with hidden scrolls inside for the collectors Choice line in 2017?
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    Will Vultak be receiving bracers forearms(shown at SDCC) or Icer forearms(more accurate)?

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    Is the vintage mini-comics fauna in Mattel's radar?
    Some of them like Haramesh, Ice Hacker & especially Manticore (green
    Granamyr being on the grill...)
    are definitely centerpieces in the mythos.
    Plus, a lot of reusable parts going on here;

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    Is there any chance we could see the Road Ripper released in the near future??
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    Is there any chance of making Master Serbian possibly an exclusive figure and the Twiggets a chase figure or something as they are both major characters in their respective cartoons and probably the most featured characters we have yet to get with the exception of the rest of the vintage New Adventures figures? Master Serbian was in 50 of the 65 episodes and the three main Twiggets between them easily featured in that many episodes of She-Ra i would say those are pretty important characters.
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    My perception was that Sagitar had an important demand, even from collectors that are not fan of NA. I was surprised I didn't see him in 2015 or 2016. Is this figure in the plans somewhere in the future of the line or is it too low in the real demand you have registered?

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    Is there hope in seeing items which may have moderate demand but would be relatively easy and cheap to produce due to existing bucks? For example, there are still SO many horses that could be done. Can we still expect to see them released in some manner, even if they don't top fan polls?

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    Now that the MOTUC Castle Grayskull Is Sold Out Completely On Matty Collector, Can Mattel Look Into Making Filmation Castle Grayskull For HMATMOTU / Classics 2.0 Line ?? It Doesn't Mean It Has To Be A Full On Playset (Loaded With Multiple Accessories) Like The MOTUC Version. Even Just The Faįade In Larger Size Will Be An Epic For The Filmation Fans !!
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    Will He-Man & Skeletor from Classics 2.0 be evergreen figures? I mean, they are the core characters for MOTU(C) collection and it would be a good starting point for some people that have missed their original releases back in 2009.
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    TRANSPARENCY - how exactly does the matty team describe this word? The whole Point Dread Talon Fighter Teela set seemed like it was being hidden, the price wasn't given till the month of release. Now the Serpentine Hssss figure was missing from the January sale after we were told it will be available in January. The Thundercats sub was advertised at 6 figures for $25, then changed to 4 figures for $30 which was later amended to 4 figures for $25. All these issues are being asked about constantly on your forums, and to the fans seem to be things that would be communicated TRANSPARENCY and not "ignored". So what exactly did the matty team mean when they stated TRANSPARENCY?

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    Prior management only presented us with figures and comic characters based on MOTU. Is new management interested in creating new characters based on the NA and POP sides of the franchise?
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    Many collectors are asking for some figures to be rereleased like Sorecess, Fisto or Whiplash. Knowing some of them are MOC Collector, the release of those figures in HMATMOTU line will not fit for them. Is there a posibility of having a special Collector Choice short line with all these "rare" figures ?

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    With unique characters becoming more and more obscure, does Mattel see any possibility of setting up a pre-order system for toys to gauge the actual interest in them from the primary market?
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    I donīt know if this was asked before. And I hope it doesnīt break a rule.

    We have seen many new conceptart characters in the Dark Horse Artbook. But they are sadly not mentioned by name.
    - the NA mutant warrior from page 217
    - the scorpion guy from page 224
    - the huge bloblike warrior from page 225
    - the flying dinosaur guy from page 226
    - the flying imp creature from page 226
    - the alien space ranger dude from page 227
    Can you tell us what are their names, please?

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    With ThunderCats figures coming to MattyCollector this September, this seems like a primetime opportunity to do a comic book crossover mini-series between MOTU and ThunderCats published by DC Comics. (with Mattel and Warner Bros/DC Comics already having established partnerships with figures and comics) Advertisements for MattyCollector ThunderCats and MOTU could be placed in the comic mini-series crossover as well. How feasible is this to happen?
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    Will there be any more brand-new never-before-seen characters or factions created/invented to add to the Masters of the Universe erm... universe?

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    Will we recieve the New Adventures Thunder Punch He-Man vest as a pack-in to complete him in Classics?

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    Much as I love Mekaneck, and his interchangable neck pieces, it would have been awesome to have a bendy neck piece for him, like seen in the MYP cartoon! Would it be possible to include a bendy neck for Mekaneck, as a future pack-in, or in a future accessories pack..?
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