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Thread: The official MOTUC Staghorn Thread

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    The official MOTUC Staghorn Thread

    I loved Staghorns voice in the cartoon, very unique in comparison to others and His battle antlers were a welcomed change from the norm. Staghorn always seemed like he could break off from the mutants and create his own little band of Troublemakers there on Denebria. I hope the 4h treat him and explain the missing eye for us ( hope that Sagitar did it),
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    I always thought Staghorn's whole antlers thing were really unique. I also find him interesting because of the past history and rivalry with Sagitar, who is one of my favorite NA characters.

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    Have to say this is probably the figure I am least looking forward to, at least because of what he looks like under his helmet. But I think in the end I will be okay, if the Horsemen do an awesome sculpt, which they no doubt will.
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    Staghorn had at least very good episodes under his belt: The Running of the Herd and Mutiny on the Mothership. He's like the Starscream of the Mutants, where he's the character who thinks that Flogg and Skeletor are inept leaders. He also has a feud with Sagitar.

    NA sure likes it's animal references. We have Sagitar with horses, Tuskador with elephants and Staghorn with elks. Unfortunately, they gave these attributes to humanoid characters instead of making outright anthropomorphic characters like MOTU did.

    Staghorn is another NA character (like Sagitar, Karatti, Hoove, Quake, Butthead, Artilla) who is better going off the animation model rather than the original toy. The original figure has a beer gut... Jetlag made the Mutants look much better.

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    ^ I definitely agree with that. The cartoon versions of all the NA characters, both good and bad, were superior to the figure designs. I actually can't think of a single one where the figure was superior, except maybe Optikk...I thought he looked a bit plain on the show.

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    One of my favourites and most wanted from NA - he'd be easy to make into MOTUC style

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