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Thread: The official Crystoll Motuc Thread

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    The official Crystoll Motuc Thread

    Now for those of you who dont know how Im talking about, Karatti's orignal design was to be that of a humanoid made entirely out of cyrstal, then it was changed to what we see today, but Correct me if I'm wrong but I feel like he appeared in this form in the UK NA Comics as well. Any way, I have always felt that the ranks of the Mutants( and for the Snake Men for that matter) have always been sparse for their higher ups, and I'm not down just to Create characters out of thin air, Sooooo I thought using this Prototype, concept art type idea of Cyrstollar to fill the ranks of the Mutants. (my other ideas are for Cruncher (ep.16 mutant form of NA Heman,some how seperated from he-man himself) He-slave (using DNA from he man Skelator Creates a clone of NA He-man, brandishing the hilt from NA skelator staff) both Na versions of Faker really) and Maxis and Zark. They were from the episdoe "Childrens Planet" And Maxis was a large humanoid with heat/freeze vision, while Zark was a 2 headed humanoid Dragon that was friends with Maxis. It seems that they both had worked for Skelator with his mutant pals until Skelator banished him to this frozen waste land. Former Mutants- I like it)

    This totally got off the subject Cyrstollar, If the line continues to due well and all the Charaters that deserve to get figures (esentially all the ones that have previously had some) and the ones that truely deserve figures (not guy in yellow in tug a war match, more like green goddess, eldor, queen marlena,etc) then down the line I would like to see guys like this made ( granted we have the rights to him, not even sure, and jetlag for the others mentioned above) as well as Detector. The Existing media has plenty to draw from, no reason to create characters. Hope someone else feels the same way I do about this character.I was just reading some background material on him, and it says his weapon of choice is the laser axe, similar to slushheads, so if he ever gets made that should be one of his accessories.
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