It has been a looong time!
But since some other things are back to normal, why not reposting here some of the stuff I started posting on my facebook account?

Some time ago I promised I would have posted some ideas about how to create more reusable body types for MOTUC figures and show how to make a good use of them.
Just to explain better how the concept behind a line like MOTUC works, where a bank of tooling is created to work as a basis for figures, makign the line economically doable.

I sketched two new body types.
The first is a squat body.
Instead of creating a new sculpt for Ram-Man that is unique only to him, Rammy could be developed as the first figure using this new Squat Body type.
Eventually other characters could reuse it, and here is an example with General Tataran.

The other body type is the Teen/Slim type.
In the following weeks I'll post examples of figure that could use that too

Since other asked previously: this isn't work done for Mattel or the Four Horsemen, it's just fan art that I do between real toy design jobs for Hasbro.