Hello guys, First of all to thank for the success of the "he-man green lantern" crossover figure, due to the huge amount of mails, requests and suggestions, I will make a couple more characters based on this concept....Stay tuned for the next mini-sode!!

But since I make my figures with weeks of advance, the one I have ready for this weekend was STRATOS! I made some research on the vintage mini comic style and found a rich variety of re-decos and sculpts, that can be applied in Motuc

The one that caught my eye was Stratos, he had one of the most radical changes of looks so I translated that into the Motuc line, but with some upgrades: Modded neck so he can look up when flying, rotating wings, retooled left hand so he can actually hold accessories, and since he did not came with any weapons, I gave him the fabled "Staff of Avion" seen in the episode "Reign of the monster" of the classic series. It was airbrushed in gold paint for a smoother look. The figure then was repackaged with the classic HKC badge. It's listed on "The bay" now.

Here is the video: