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Thread: Amazon billing guy rediscovers Masters

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    Amazon billing guy rediscovers Masters

    So the other day I had to call Amazon about some trouble with an order. I had ordered another copy of both seasons of He-Man on DVD (for safe keeping!) and had also found a good deal on Entrapta from a vendor on the site. I got shuffled off to the billing department. The billing guy pulled up my order and says, "Okay, so you have an order here for Entrapa from Masters of the Universe... Wait! Masters of the universe -isn't that He-Man? This stuff is back?" I told him he'd be surprised at what's been going on with the brand and to poke around. "I got to go pull out my old Battle Cat," he says. He solved my problem and asked if there was anything else he could do for me. "Nope -just pull out that Battle Cat and get started again." I hope he did.

    I had the same sort of reaction when I realized what was going on with Masters again a while back. Fast forward and look where that got me.

    At least this guy will be able to solve his own billing issues for his Entrapta...
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    Awesome story!

    I hope he does try and recapture so of his childhood...(And a new fan of MOTUC as well)

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    Nice story! If everybody in the boards gets one person back into the line then maybe we will be getting these figures for years to come...

    And I can get my Staghorn.
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    Cool story! There are probably a lot of old Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power fans still out there.

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    That's so awesome!
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    Stories like this make me smile! Good one!
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    Today I had these two dudes walk in to my bar and one of them was wearing a Go'Go's vintage 80's tea. I went off to telling him how I love the go' go's and Belinda Carlisle and that I have an action figure that looks just like her. I asked him if he liked He-man and She-ra, and of course he said yes. I asked him if he knew Castaspella was, and he said "Of course"! She-ra was my jam as a kid". So I told him that there is a modern version of Castaspella who's face and hairstyle look just like 80's Belinda Carlisle, who also btw I met at the Pacific Design center when I was helping a friend browse for her new house. She looked similar but totally different and she was very sweet, and flattered that we both recognized her. But back to the guy at my bar, he said he needs to go on EBAY and purchase this figure, I said hold the phone. Mattel collector is having a sale on She-Ra figures september 9th. He said, "Wait! There's more"!??? so we had a long long conversation. LOL
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